“80% of Success is Showing Up” – Woody Allen

Hello Sophomores! Welcome back!

Hopefully you’ve had some time to unpack and settle into your new rooms! As you readjust to life at Haverford College, this time without the built-in support that the Customs Program provides, perhaps you’re wondering how to branch out, meet more of your peers, or find good advice on navigating sophomore year. There are three things that I suggest you do this month that will ease your transition:


Attend the Student Activities Fair on Wednesday, 9/3, from 8pm-10pm in Founders Great Hall! Now that you have had an entire year to adjust to the rigors of academic work at Haverford, spend an evening learning more about the different clubs and organizations available! Joining a club is a great way to meet new folks who share your interests. If you can’t find something you like, you can always start your own new group!

*List of available clubs: www.haverford.edu/activities/clubs_and_organizations/index.php


Come to the “SOPHO-MORE OR LESS?” Panel on Thursday, 9/4, from 7:30pm – 9pm in Stokes Auditorium! This event will include a panel of Juniors who can speak about the resources that helped them, the things they wished they knew going into their sophomore year, and the mistakes that you can avoid! There will also be Deans present to answer questions about advising, choosing a major, finding a job or internship, and more!


Make an appointment (or drop by Chase/Stokes Hall sometime) to get to know your new Dean! The Deans at Haverford can offer academic advice, talk with you about your concerns, discuss your future plans, and connect you to resources on and off-campus. If you’re unsure of who your Dean is, now that you’re no longer a First-Year student, you can check out this website: www.haverford.edu/deans/contact/

If you have not yet gotten involved with the Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership (RMJIL), what are you waiting for!?!? Check out the website or sign up for the lottery to join the 6-Week Exco Course on Leadership 101 by e-mailing leadership@haverford.edu by Thursday, 9/4/2014 at 11:59pm. Fall 2014 Semester classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. The class begins 9/9 and concludes on 10/21. It will be offered again during Spring 2015 at a time TBD.

Saturday, September 13th RMJIL is holding an Emerging Leaders Symposium. Throughout the day you can stop in for one or more (up to six!) quick (20-30 min) workshops that build various leadership skills. Representatives from the OAR, CCPA, OMA, and SAO will offer workshops on: Recruitment & Outreach, Teamwork & Ethical Decision Making, Interviewing/Presentation Skills, Time Management, and more!

Feel free to stop by and check out the new set up in the SAO anytime! I am now located in Chase 208.

Hope you have a wonderful Fall Semester!


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