I’m a Club Head… Now What?

Have you been tapped (officially or unofficially) to take over a club, organization, or position of leadership for next year? Perhaps you’re one of the newest members of Students’ Council or Honor Council? Or newly appointed, or elected, member of a committee, team, or student org?

If so – Congratulations!

Make sure you leave yourself time this spring to meet with the leaders of your organization, or key stakeholders, as they pass the torch to you. (It is very important that this take place BEFORE all the folks in your organization graduate or move on!)  Take advantage of this critical opportunity to learn as much as you can about what was or was not done, and to set some new goals for the group for next year.

Some questions to consider:

  • Did the leaders of your organization do an adequate job preparing for the meetings, events, and trips that they put together? Were those events successful? If so – what did they do to make it successful, and what can you do to repeat it (if you would like to) for next year?
  • Which events were less successful and why? What can the group do next year to prevent or avoid those same mistakes? How can we work around those obstacles in the future?
  • How is leadership within the group organized? Is there a president, or someone who is responsible for presiding over meetings, organizing a time for everyone to meet, or setting the agenda?
  • How can you ensure that the student body is informed of your group’s public events? Is there a designated publicity person, or is everyone in the group responsible for making and putting up flyers?

Stop by the Student Activities Office (SAO) in Chase Hall if you want to chat more about the ideas you have for the fall, and feel free to pick up a binder from the office to start keeping better records for your club that can be passed along to future leaders.

*Remember that Students’ Council fall budgeting takes place the very first week that school is back in session, so NOW is the time to start planning fall events, looking up prices, and putting together a draft of your group’s budget.

There are a great number of resources available on the Student Activities Office website that you can check out if you are one of the new folks stepping up into new positions of leadership in your team/organization/club!

How to Sponsor an Event:www.haverford.edu/activities/files/How-to-Sponsor-an-Event_2013-14.pdf

Club Resources Site: haverpedia.haverford.edu/wiki/Club_Resources

Good luck! I hope to hear from you soon.



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