Seeking Housing in a Community?

Spring Break is over, so there are no more excuses to avoid thinking about Room Draw next year! With just three weeks to go, there are a few things you should be considering:

  • Who you’d like to live with
  • Where you’d like to live
  • What you need to do to be ready for Room Draw (resolve all library fines and financial obligations by March 21)

We’ll talk more about the way Room Draw works in a little while, but let’s focus for a bit on one way of finding your next year’s housing – Community Housing.

Community Housing is a phenomenal opportunity for a group of 11 or 13 students (depending on the location) to live together, focused on a specific idea or goal relating to social justice, community, and service. Community Houses should either be expanding a pre-existing interest/idea on campus, or filling a need that does not currently exist on campus. Generally, there are four houses selected each year – three at HCA (#14, #15, and #50 first floors) and one in Yarnall.

If this interests you, you truly should take a few minutes to read over the application (CLICK HERE), but there are a few key points I wanted to highlight!

  1. Community Houses can be incredible contributors to your (and other students’) experience on campus. Have you seen what this year’s Community Houses (Christian House, Culinary House, E-Haus, Nerd House, and Quaker House) are doing? Or better yet, have you been to any of their events?
  2. Class year doesn’t matter – unlike the regular Rounds of Room Draw.
  3. This can be anything you want – all you need is a good idea, a group of at least ten others, and a well thought-out application!
  4. You really do need a thoughtfully composed idea, though – it’s impossible for the Residential Life Committee to understanding your proposal if it’s not well-fleshed out. Once you have your group, sit down and spend some time planning so you can get it right! In the application, you’ll find a list of questions that your proposal must include.
  5. Be sure to submit your application by 5:00pm on Monday, March 24th, both on paper and via email to
  6. If you have any questions, contact!

This is a wonderful way for you to live with a group of people with whom you share a common interest, and a way for you to turn that interest/club/activity into something you can focus on all year – with a common space to structurally support that. I hope you’ll think about it!

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