Study What You Want, Work Where You Want

When I got into Haverford I did not think I would major in English or end up with a job in healthcare consulting. Nor did I think, up until I began the job search and interview process, that my English major would give me the skills necessary to land a consulting job. Dean Watter, in his Major Dilemma post on choosing the “right” major, aptly informs us that any Haverford major will teach us to think critically, put together a well-structured and logical argument, speak persuasively and clearly in front of an audience, and work within a team. Every employer wants their prospective hires to have the skills we’re so lucky to receive from all our majors. During an interview with The Advisory Board Company, the healthcare consulting firm I will work for starting this summer, I talked about how my experience structuring and writing an essay on the novel Middlemarch demonstrates my research and writing skills. Haverford students have the strengths not only to craft a powerful argument in the classroom, but we’re also given the creative thinking and speaking abilities to sell ourselves to prospective employers, regardless of the major we choose. My interviewer loved my Middlemarch essay example and thought the critical thinking and writing skills I used to craft an English essay perfectly paralleled the Advisory Board Company’s research and publication process. Pick a field of study you feel passionate about; your major, regardless of what it is, will help you land the job you want.

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