It’s Fall Again!

Welcome back to campus!

The leaves are not quite turning yet and if you’re like me, you’re blasting the a/c–maybe even listening to some reggae. Regardless, the semester has officially begun and so has the ‘shopping’.

The first week of classes are often filled with more questions than answers: Am I prepared for this course? Can I handle the workload? How can I fit this course with everything else I want to accomplish this semester? Imbedded in all of these questions are your core values, if you recognize them or not. And sophomore year is an opportunity to put those values into perspective and begin following a path that aligns with who you would like to be.

This blog exists to help you process and utilize the plethora of resources that are particularly useful to you as a sophomore here at Haverford, because you are not alone.


The Year After was created in the summer of 2013 in response to all we learned about the sophomore experience that spring!

We’re so excited to journey through this year with you! Any question you want answered, let us know! And be sure to review our “What Now?” section regularly. We’d hate for you to miss something!

Regular posts every MONDAY. And sometimes on Wednesday. Enjoy!