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Pulp Fiction [(Sc)re(en)mixed]

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Electronic violin + trumpet + melodica + ukulele = such a high, happy, spiritual, transcendental, forward-moving music. The pulsing drums with these high instruments is a great combination, made killer with the three-part vocal harmony. If it were used in a film, it’d be at the successful end of a journey, where one is relieved but perhaps a little melancholy: a son returning from war to his wife and year-old son he has never met, a mother reconnecting with a child she put up for adoption twenty years earlier, an bear surviving her winter hibernation to find the world slightly different when she awakens.


I’m in the Sanctuary of First Unitarian right now listening to Iceland’s (!) Múm. Talk about bathing in affect, Gorbman. The music is putting me in a trancelike state and making me forget not the technical apparatus of film but all of my problems and stresses. Instead of making a film a reality, it’s making my reality a film.

And one more for the road

For all you dreamlovers:
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Kenneth Anger, Americana archivist??

YouTube commenter Nguli34689 sez:
“I used to hear these tunes in my youth. I was just thinking about them.
In some ways Kenneth Anger’s Great Work may be compared with that of Tiny Tim’s efforts to preserve some very old American music. Tiny Tim was an archivist who repopularized Maurice Chavalier’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips.  Tiny also, through his archives kept the music of Russ Columbo alive. It’s the same with Scorpio Rising. I hear the kind of music they don’t play anymore, but will endure through the passage of time.”

The most butch soft pop you’ve ever heard

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4 ways sound affects us

CM Capture 1

CM Capture 1

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