Farewell, London!

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Lake District, where I will be attending the 2011 Annual Wordsworth Summer Conference. I expect this second portion of my trip to be quite different from the first. Over the next two weeks, museum and theater hopping will be replaced with rugged mountain walks and academic lectures. I’m sad to leave London, but I’m also thrilled to embark on this new installment of my British adventure. Last night my flat mates and I indulged in a farewell feast of fish and chips and mushy peas. Late as it was when we left the restaurant, the sky was the color of the flushed cheek of an English Miss. Koku, Francis and I walked home through the park, where we paused to watch a scrawny cat sniff an abandoned digestive biscuit. Girls teetered past us in their big, sparkly heels as they made their way to the pub, and sirens wailed in the distance over the red-bricked row houses. So long, city life; I expect Grasmere to be very different, indeed! Stay tuned for musings from the Wordsworth Conference. And as always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Beverly Scheer says:

    Hi Honey, August 1,2011

    I.m so excited about Grasmere and our wonderful memorIes of Miller Howe Inn where we had a spectacular dinner with Mary and Gerald Hager. The innkeeper is a sort of Julia Child of ENGLAND. Also I loved all the Beatrix Potter memorabilia and her
    paintings of her book chARACTERS which I read to so many children and you too when
    you were still too little for chapter books. Have a marvelous time and enjoy your hikes and lectures and pat Dorothy’s shawl for me- I love you, sweet girl. Nana

  2. Ray Scheer says:

    Dearest Liz,

    What a joy to read your blog – a fantastic journey so far. Looking forward
    to the next installment.


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