Feb 20

Nice, France

by Arielle Harris '13 in Featured

Nice, France

I decided to take a trip down to Nice for the opening weekend of Carnaval, and to visit fellow Ford Emma Oxford ’13, who is studying abroad there! Here we are at the top of the colline, which is the big hill in Nice that has a ch√Ęteau, several cemeteries, a waterfall, and lots of footpaths which lead to amazing views of the city. The weather in Nice (note: lack of winter jackets) was a great change from the sub-30 degree chill that lasted in Paris for three weeks!

Arielle Harris ’13 is a Growth and Structure of Cities and French double-major. Emma Oxford ’13 is a physics major. Arielle is studying with Sweet Briar JYA in Paris; Emma is studying in Nice.


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  1. From Joan:

    Looks like a beautiful spot! Lucky you!

    Posted on 22. Feb, 2012 at 10:55 am #