Kyle and KarinaThe focus of our research at the Center for the Study of Political Graphics is twofold. We’re looking through their extensive archive, which contains over 75,000 political posters from all over the world, in search of posters that appropriate popular cultural images to create unique graphic narratives. Theresa Tensuan is the professor for whom we are working primarily and who is currently compiling a collection of essays for Ohio State University Press for their new series on “comics and art of political intervention.” Her interests range from the creation of comics as part of an AIDS education program to studies of the political cartooning of key figures such as Winsor McCay to the aesthetics of artists such as Peter Kuper (who intrigues her for his incorporation of broadside and graffiti techniques into his art).

Professor Lindgren’s interests, on the other hand, lie in the field of disability studies and disability rights movements. She hopes that we will dig up some exciting works for the upcoming In/Visible art exhibit this coming fall (2011) based on the symposium that took place at Haverford College this past spring.

- Kyle McCloskey’11 & Karina Puttieva ’11

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