All work and no play…

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As Kyle and I are getting dangerously near the end of our time here in LA, I thought I’d at least give you a snippet of some fun, non-work-related activities that we’d been up to.

First off, did the typical touristy things:

and even went to the much-acclaimed In-N-Out Burger

We then went to the only Silent Movie Theater in the country

Went to the Griffith Park Observatory (where, by the way, the final showdown in Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle takes place)

and saw some improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (where like half the SNL cast got their start)

Met up with friends at Souplantation,

at Universal City

and at Venice Beach

(really, they drove us down to Venice Beach)

We experienced the boardwalk

and dipped our toes in the ocean

Shopped in Koreatown (since that’s where we lived/where our sublet was conveniently located)

And ventured into Beverly Hills

We stopped by the flea market on Melrose

Visited the L.A.C.M.A.

Walked around Chinatown,

Little Tokyo,

and Olvera Street

…among other things.

Most importantly, however, we found ourselves a place that has the best Happy Hour in the world: El Carmen.

And hey, we’ve still got a few days left. There’s still time to explore.

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  1. Emil Cronin says:

    Glad you’ve found time to explore the town!


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