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All’s Well…

As I write this I am already back in the horrid humidity that is the entirety of the East Coast and feel luckier than ever to have had the chance to escape it for one glorious month. Kyle and I would like to thank CSPG, The Hurtford Humanities Center (James Weissinger and Emily Cronin!), Theresa Tensuan and Kristin Lindgren, as well as the good folks behind the Louis Green Fund who made all of this awesomeness possible. Seriously, this has been phenomenal.

On our last day at CSPG, the staff ordered delicious pizza and salad in honor of our departure. Here we all are:

Sherry the volunteer, Carol the director, Gloria the Getty intern, Joy the archivist (and our supervisor), Kyle the Kyle, Mary the other director, Alayna the administrative assistant, Anna the other Getty intern, and the I who is I.

Kyle and I got some pretty sweet parting gifts, including these lovely calendars. Huzzah for political art! It’s been a thrill.

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