Finishing Up

Patel, Reich, Agawu

I’m sitting here finishing up my paper on the role of music and language in the memories conveyed by Steve Reich’s speech-melody tape works like It’s Gonna Rain, and I realized that the primary theorist around whom I’m framing my argument is the father of one of my very close Haverfriends, Senyo Agawu ’13. Senyo and I share relentless interest in music and psychology, so I should have figured that the Agawu (Kofi) that authored “The Challenge of Semiotics” about the interrelations between music and language was related to the Agawu that I know. It never crossed my mind.

Speaking of my mind, it is pretty one-track these days. Luckily, that track is music, so it is kind of hard to get sick of it. In my struggle to finish my Reich paper, I needed to find something relevant (obviously) and interesting (also obvious, but at this point, I needed something interesting to keep myself awake) to bolster my argument. What else but the neuroscience of music and language, and memory encoding? In my search for appropriate articles, I came across one by none other than Dr. Aniruddh Patel, for whom I will be working this summer, called “Language, Music, Syntax, and the Brain.” So, here I am, sitting in a computer lab across from Senyo, listening to the birds chirp and wishing they’d stop, but getting through, still, with thoughts of my summer.

Side note: the linguistic study of syntax looks pretty wild, judging from my Google image search of syntax diagrams.

Wish i were.

Wish this could be true.