tape that is red

We are just about ready to purchase salivary cortisol collection swabs from the company Salimetrics (yea…), and the total, including rush shipping, is probably going to be approximately $150 or so. If I needed to buy these swabs for my own personal use, I could probably just call the company and buy them. But since we are going to use them for the study I needed to call Dr. Knight’s assistant who e-mailed the study coordinator who asked the budget coordinator how to get money out of the account.

Dr. Knight has been able to expedite this process a little bit, but this is just one of many obstacles that has greatly slowed our progress. My experience with this project has been rewarding, indeed, but in ways other than what I expected. I thought all of the data was going to be collected by the time I left and that there was going to be a paper in the works. The world is not that fast, in fact it looks like this, especially when so many people have their hands on the wheel, and each of these individuals is trying to control a dozen or so wheels. I have learned so much from my literature accumulation/review that will help me in the future, but I also realized the great amount of work actually goes into developing a research study.

When I was discussing this was Dr. Knight today and she sensed the frustration in my voice, she looked at me with this look…this look that wanted to knock out my naiveté. Pretty sure it worked, as far as I know.