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i got a little more comfortable…

…with the Pacific Ocean on Thursday. (I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to post about it. Silly me.)

The drive from NSI down La Jolla Shores Dr. was a beautiful, winding journey, with a view of the ocean that I failed to capture on film but that is unlikely to leave my memory soon. Parking my (the Smith’s) Mustang under a palm tree and walking to a beach littered with surf boards and bonfires/cookouts embodied my most California-y experience here to date. Besides that traffic the other evening.

It was great to observe the various amalgamations of families and friends: those high school kids who I regrettably used to be (except they are much better off because their hangout is the beach), new parents introducing their child to the sea, that father who plays sports with the kids (in this case a lovely, portly, young dad who managed to turn soccer into a chase game, resulting in many a squeal from his daughters and nieces), and my favorite: countless duos of father-son surfers.

All that camaraderie warmed my heart but also made me feel pretty lonely, to be honest. I’ve been trekking to all these really great places that are relaxing when alone but they merit the company of someone close to you. On a scale of one to lonely, I was almost desperate enough to walk over to one of the cookouts and introduce my hungry self with the line, “Hi, I’m Genna. I’m new here. From Jersey. Not as bad as it seems. Anything you suggest I do in SD besides eat this hot dog and ear of corn?”

I withheld my urge and instead took to the sea again, this time motivated to take a memento or two. When I visited Torrey Pines Glider Port, I decided that I was going to collect something from each new place I visited this summer. Unfortunately for my luggage, this decision has amounted to a growing collection of (really sweet, neverbeforeseen) rocks. And one royal blue zipper pull that I almost threw back in the ocean until I realized that a seagull was probably going to eat it if I didn’t take it. And I kind of wanted it. And now I have it.

Oh, one more thing: after the beach, I finally went to an In-N-Out Burger! It didn’t quite live up to its name due to the length of the drive-thru line, but it surely lived up to its reputation. I got a Double-Double, Animal Style (on the secret menu), with a side of fries (ketchup too!) and chocolate shake. In retrospect, I really did not need that shake and I certainly did not need the ketchup for the fries. I said “Sure” when the cashier offered it to me because I am usually a fan of the condiment and always a fan of something to dip my fries in, but after employing the ketchup for its intended purpose, I realized that these fries were just too good to be tainted with Heinz. Away with the ketchup packets!

Excuse me while I ingest this bucket full of health.

One last thing: I’m going to include a song in this post that makes me feel better whenever I hear it, off an album that makes me feel better whenever I hear it. It is one of the only CDs from my adolescent period that I insist on keeping. I have kept a bunch of the music, but in terms of owning the physical compact disc, Bleed American is the only one that has persisted. Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Eat World’s “Sweetness.”

please don’t stop the music

Soon, I will post a rundown of my first week on the job, pictures from my first intimate moments with the Pacific Ocean, and a bunch of interesting facts from the reading I’ve been doing, but for now, I need to vent a little bit.

At Wednesday’s NSI lunch, I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Krumhansl, a psychology professor at Cornell who does work in music cognition and knows Marilyn Boltz! Towards the end of lunch, we exchanged information because she had been talking about a performance at UCSD.  It was going to include a simultaneous performance of John Cage’s 45′ for a speaker and his 27’10.4554″ for a percussionist, called 51’15.657″ for a speaking percussionist. I decided to leave NSI and go home for a quick dinner before returning to UCSD for 7:00. I figured that leaving NSI at 5:00 would give me enough time to do this.

Unfortunately, San Diego rush hour traffic lengthened what would have been a 20 minute drive to 90 minutes. I called Professor Krumhansl with my regretful apology because I was certainly not going to make it to this performance. It would have been my first exposure to John Cage in the live setting! And I am sure it was going to spark an interesting conversation with Krumhansl about rehearsing this piece which employs both music and language because she brought that up at lunch. During our short phone exchange, we decided to keep in touch about future performances of interest, so I hope that I learn to navigate the traffic and my schedule well enough by then to follow through with my attendance.

I took a picture of the traffic from my car but the angle is kind of weird so here is this one from the New York Times website. It is pretty lovely to burn an unwieldy amount of gas while chillin’ in a highway standstill. But funnily enough, traffic jams never bothered me before because I was never in the driver’s seat. Often, I’d be too busy reading a book or acting as car DJ to notice. In fact, I often preferred these longer car rides so I could get that many more pages read or that much farther down the playlist. Not so when you’re the driver. And as for music, all I had was the radio today, so I was listening to all of the San Diego versions of New York stations, shouting “oh oh ohoh oh-oh, oh my god.”

And all of this came the day after another failed attempt at attending a concert due to my age. “San Diego’s Best Live Venue,” The Belly Up,  is 21+, and they were host to (what I’m sure was) a great show Wednesday evening. On my first day at NSI, Ani informed me of a music therapy benefit concert that several of his co-workers were attending. After reading the artist descriptions on the invitation, I grew even more interested. Alas, if the event were one week later, I would have been able to attend.

At least I just downloaded this new mash-up album from Major Lazer and La Roux called “Lazerproof.” It adds something new to my musical arsenal after this week’s upsets.

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