the smiths and i

I am way behind on my entries regarding my academic and social life here. Hopefully, I will catch up soon but to be honest with you, I’ve been too busy living my academic and social lives to blog about them. Translation: 2busy2blog

Anyway, a quick anecdote from my evening:

I made some roasted beets for dinner. Ani gave them to me last week from the organic food collective to which he belongs. (He also gave me kale.) The process of cutting up the beets resulted in a kitchen counter easily mistakeable for the location where Barney was murdered. But, I cleaned it up pretty well, and it was worth it.

As they were roasting, Jay and Penny returned home to me chopping some lots of red onions and garlic. “To go with my roasted beets,” I said. Penny, without a second to think, asked, “Are you going to toss those beets with feta, too?”

“Why, indeed Penny!” I replied, surprised that she knew my plan. “How did you know that?”

And she starts to sing the chorus of this: