the sky is gray and white and cloudy

In case you needed clarification: today was overcast, and today I got a nasty sunburn. When my dress is on in a certain way, it sort of looks like I’ve developed my California tan, but move the dress straps and you can pretty much hear my skin screaming for aloe. Luckily, this burn will serve as a reminder of the great day I had, and surely, when the burn fades (heals?) into a tan, the memory will not.

There are currently two entries in draft form: one about that NOVA program on Oliver Sacks, and one about research that Ani and John have done on Snowball the dancing, Backstreet Boys-loving parrot. Over the course of the next few days, entries will rain down on “ILaSGOoMH,” as I am now referring to the blog.* I pronounce it ee-lahs-goom.

*I’m obviously not calling my blog “ILaSGOoMH.” I call it “my blog.” If I were, though, what language would people think I was speaking? Ee-lahs-goom sounds kind of German to me, but I don’t know German.