So, it has been approximately five weeks since I’ve left sunny San Diego. The transition from the West Coast pace was hard, and only made harder by the almost immediate plunge into my senior year. I am taking a lovely range of classes this semester, one of which is Senior Thesis. I feel like I’ve been talking about my thesis since before I matriculated as a freshman here; I feel like this because it is true. Now, I have finally settled into a thesis topic (something about the psychology/neuroscience of dance – how cool?!) under the advising of the professor who turned me on to psychology as a field (Marilyn Boltz).

Two days ago, I found out (from Marilyn) that my funding application to return to San Diego over winter break got approved! I can finally begin to administer music to the patients and collect data! Yesss!! Right now, I am finishing up my poster about my research. It is essentially a literature review and research proposal. I present it on Saturday afternoon, and it will be my first ever academic poster presentation. Despite the presence of nerves (already), I am very excited to share the knowledge I gained this summer in a formal way with the campus community. I might even ask my parents to come, you know, so they can see what their daughter was doing all summer in the land of palm trees and Mexican food. Besides staring at palm trees and eating Mexican food.

I’ll leave you with “the only song right now,”* a throwback to my favorite summer concert experience, and a source of much guilty pleasure:

*source: Andrew Smith ’11