protein society

Last night, I met up Rob Fairman, Bash Kokona, and four Haverfordians for dinner at Bandar Restaurant (a delicious Persian place) in the Gaslamp Quarter. It was so fun and I was so grateful for Rob for the treat! I got to speak about my experience to fresh ears, a much-appreciated opportunity that made me realize how much I am really going to miss working on this project and being in this city. It also helped me realize how much information I have actually learned this summer, both about the music therapy study and work of the many other scientists and doctors I have met during my stay.

After dinner, I went up to the top of the Hyatt with my school mates to see San Diego from the fortieth floor. I then took them to see the Neurosciences Institute. The building is obviously gorgeous during the day but the nighttime lighting is magical. Finally, we swung by La Jolla Shores and walking up and down the beach. The tide was so low and the water was not frigid (surprisingly), so I had a great time watching new people enjoy my summer stomping grounds.

Whenever change is approaching, I get this funny little feeling in the space between my heart, lungs, and stomach. With my San Diego departure two weeks from yesterday, that feeling is definitely in crescendo. I’ll just listen to David Bowie to cope.