knowing a city

I saw the magician the other day, which felt like seeing a crush after a night of gushing at a sleep over. This feeling was exasperated by the condition that led me to see him: a 5.9 earthquake that was powerful enough to shake some books off of shelves and paintings off of walls. Second earthquake down, hopefully none more to go.

Anyway, I saw CocoRosie play at the Belly Up on July 1st. I realized approximately six hours before the show that I didn’t have their newest album, so I promptly got it and listened through a few times to ready myself for what I expected to be the majority of their show. It was, and I’m glad I familiarized myself with the material, however vague the familiarity was. The first song I heard from the album was “Lemonade;” I downloaded it back in April or May I think but failed to follow up with the rest of the CD. The song starts pretty slow but it has a nice balance between the voices of the sisters and was great live.

Regardless of my knowledge of the music, attending this show did wonders for my comfort level in San Diego. The entertainment was a good conversation starter (beat boxer, Joaquin Phoenix look-alike drummer, inspired by opera, raspy voice coming from chick wearing Iron Maiden basketball shorts), and start conversations I did. It was great to mingle with the 20-somethings in SD who had a similar interest in weird music, music that is barely listenable at times. I love how going to a concert ensures that you have at least one thing in common with everyone in the room. Of course, sometimes there is that group of high schoolers or that creepy loner in the back with whom you’d prefer not to share traits and preferences, but it is an overall comforting experience.

Ughhh, I just found out that on July 2nd, they played in LA with Busdriver! Busdriver is actually one of the most talented hip-hop artists I have ever encountered. I had the pleasure of seeing him live twice, both times in Philly, and I definitely loved Philly a little more each time for the amount of audience enthusiasm. A couple entries back I talked about the ability of DJs to gauge their audience and manipulate them. Well, Busdriver doesn’t even need to gauge the audience first – he just ambushes them, and the ambush is welcome. See below: