I just took my first shower in my personal bathroom, and I cannot even describe the feeling of walking out of a shower to a room that is not ridden with the wet humidity of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I have a summer of frizz-free hair ahead of me. I’m about to head out into the backyard to continue one of my required books (Music Therapy with Premature Infants by Jayne M. Standley) while waiting to go to a BBQ with the Smiths’ friends, but I wanted to post some picture of my summer home. (The link is to my favorite song by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, which also happens to feature Phil Collins.)

This is where I’ll blog and keep connected.

This is where I’ll sleep.

This is where I’ll get ready in the mornings. (I failed at photographing the salle de bain well, but it has beautiful blue tile floor.)

This is where I’ll watch movies, and perhaps some CSI: Miami. Hush now, it’s my guilty pleasure.

This is where I’ll relax and read. Note the (not yet bloomed) flowers that Penny bought me!

Posts complete with those aforementioned “a-ha” moments and other information from my readings will begin tomorrow. Also, anticipate a post with the home’s exterior and landscaping, which is gorgeous and so Cali.