Kate IrickHi! I’m Kate Irick and for the next year I will be bridging academics and social justice work at the Casa de los Amigos through a CPGC-sponsored Post-Bac Fellowship. Over the course of the year (Aug. ’13- July ’14) I will be writing about projects/events at the Casa, following current events in Mexico City and documenting interviews/conversations on topics ranging from immigration, the environment, art/culture and politics in Mexico City. As the first CPGC Post-Bac Fellow I have great anticipation for the experiences and insights this year will bring as a member of the Casa community, a researcher, and a tiny speck in the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City. Tune-in weekly for captivating stories about projects, NGOs, and individual human lives striving for social change in Mexico City!

- Kate Irick ’13




For my Center for Peace and Global Citizenship internship I am going to Mexico City with three other Bi-Co students, where we will be living and working at the Casa de los Amigos, a Quaker Center for Peace and International Understanding. We will be working in the Casa’s Hospitality Program, through which it hosts guests and groups from all over, as well as the Casa’s Peace Programs on Migration and Solidarity Economics. The Casa is a community dedicated to working for social justice in which all seek to live by the Quaker testimonies of Peace, Equality, Integrity, Simplicity, and Community, and to create an environment which fosters open and respectful dialogue about issues of injustice. We will also each be working with different partner organizations. I will be working with the Mexico City branch of the Equilibrium Fund, an international organization begun in Guatemala which is now active in many Latin American countries. The Organization works with women in indigenous and marginalized communities to promote the production and consumption of the Maya Nut as a way to reduce poverty and receive income for their families and communities. The Maya Nut has great health and environmental benefits, and helps to reduce poverty and deforestation. We will be in Mexico City for ten weeks, and I’m excited for this incredible opportunity to learn, work, and become part of the Casa community.

- Emily Dix ’12

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  1. Hi!

    I´m intrested in your work at La Casa de los amigos, I would like to contact you for more information about it.

    Laura Berrón

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