A Year in the Light

To all who have aided and accompanied me in this past year, shown me light in gestures big and small, been present for my processing of thoughts, experiences and faith.

Descending into the crowded, rain-soaked valley of Mexico City earlier this month, I felt, for the first time in my life, the liberation of beginning an adventure truly my own. I continue to be part of the Casa community, but no longer backed in the same ways institutionally by Haverford, and for the first time in my life, without a plan for what the next few months will bring. This third arrival in Mexico feels so natural, so right, after a year spent building a new life characterized by extraordinary challenges, transcendent relationships, and personal and spiritual growth. In a city of epic proportions, stunning disparities, tremendous potential, and unending inspiration, I know that I would not be thriving as I am now in Mexico City if it weren’t for the base of support the Casa has given me, if it weren’t for the opportunities, encouragement and fulfillment that have been provided to me throughout the last twelve months, due, in its origin to the fruition of a collaboration between the Casa and CPGC, which has given way to an experience that I can only due honor to by committing the testimonies of this community to my life in each new step forward.

In starting a new life chapter, my sense of belonging, even if conditional, to multiple communities in Mexico, along with the assurance that my path continues to be here, means that the period of time to come requires patience, faith, reflection and a great deal of initiative. For this I am grateful to have had the continuous support and assurance from those who have been at my side throughout this year, in particular Chloe Tucker of the CPGC, the Casa staff, volunteers and extended community, and my friends and family in the States.

August 20th was my one-year anniversary in Mexico, and in my greatest hope conceived, I will have another. What’s more than certain is the Casa has irreversibly shifted my hopes, and horizons.

Today the Casa is elated to welcome next Haverford-CPGC Post-Bac Fellows, Siena Mann, totally rad woman who will without a doubt shine her way through the next year. With so much joy, I’m handing her the title, and am excited to get to accompany her start to what will without a doubt be a significant year for her.

In peace and light.