Everything I’ve Got

Really? Just two weeks left of my Fellowship?

I’ve put everything I’ve got–heart, soul, body–into work the last couple of weeks. It’s been intense, but as always, so incredibly worth it. This week I dedicated a large chunk of my time to writing the Summer edition of the monthly Casa newsletter, which includes publicity about what’s going on in the Casa (its name in Spanish, “Lo Que Pasa en la Casa”), means exactly that. Here, for example, is the description for an event the Casa’s Economic Justice Committee will be holding in just two days, which we have pretty high expectations for. (If you recall the post from many months ago about the multi-trueque Mixhiuca, I’ve participated in multi-trueque once before. But the Casa is going to host one of its very own!):

Multi-Trueque Festival “La Paloma” (The Dove). The event is a practice in solidarity economics where we will use an alternative currency called the “Paloma” instead of the peso. The exchange will take place with many different elements-from seeds, to used books, to any other product you want to trade. There will be digital trueque (bring your USB and trade for music, books, or movies, from AutoGestival’s digital library). Small producers will also participate. The introductory workshop to multi-trueque lasts 20 minutes and starts at 12:30pm.

We are also going to host a series of workshops and special artistic performances. They are completely free, but you should bring something to exchange with those giving the workshops. We will have a Mexican “son” and traditional music concert by La Bruja y sus conjuros, an Arabic dance show (with a great dancer and friend from Iran), an awareness-raising workshop about the migrant and refugee community with our friends from Program Casa Refugiados, a Mazahua embroidery workshop with an indigenous Mazahua cooperative we work with, and a hip hop dance workshop with two of our volunteers from Haverford College. All are welcome to participate in this event. The introductory workshop to the multi-trueque begins at 12:30pm.

12:30 pm Multi-trueque workshop (mandatory for those participating in the multi-trueque)
1-6pm ¡Multi-trueque don y gratuidad!
1:30pm La bruja y sus conjuros (sones, Mexican and Latin American music)
2:30pm  Hip hop (dance) w/ Rafa y John (USA)
2:30pm Arab dance performance w/ Somayeh (Iran)
3:00pm Rhymes and rapping w/ Emilián (El Salvador)
3:30pm Awareness-raising workshop (about migrants, asylum seekers and refugees) w/ Program Casa Refugiados
4:30pm Embroidery workshop w/ “Flor de Mazahua”
6:00pm Closing

Sounds amazing, right? We’re all really jazzed about it, looking forward to seeing who turns out this Sunday for the event (we are competing with the World Cup Final :( ).

This coming week is also my last week we Mara, who arrived the same week I did last August to the Casa, and we have been attached at the hip ever since. I don’t really know what I’m going to do without her. My last two weeks at the Casa I’m also helping wrap-up a poster project for the cooperatives the Casa supports, doing a reflection piece about the Escuelita and planning/facilitating workshops in the Casa on themes of community building and psychosocial well-being, preparing for a trip to Juarez City to present a series of lino prints produced by the women’s printmaking collective, and, all the while immersed in a world of salsa dancing, art, Quakerism, migration, and the Escuelita.

So in summary, Casa life continues to be a whirlwind. I wouldn’t have it any other way.