Re: [Grabadoras]

This last week I was obsessively working to finish a linocut to participate in the National Female Street Art and Graffiti Festival in Juárez next month. (Part of the rush was the fact that tomorrow I’m leaving for vacation on the Oaxacan coast.) I still don’t know if I’ll be going to Juárez or not, but I’m entering a piece with the Mujeres Grabando Resistencias collective, and have learned a lot about how this group works through that process. Here’s the piece! It says “One day we will walk fearlessly,” and the hashtag is a reference to the feminicides in Mexico. grabado_juárezThere are eleven of us participating including me, and the parameters as a collective were its size, that it would be vertical, that it had to demonstrate a positive as opposed to a victimizing message about gender violence, and all of our pieces will be unified with the hashtag #VivasNosQueremos. The pieces are going to be blown up to about 1 meter in height and then wheat-pasted as part of the festival. Later we will do a campaign here in Mexico City. The festival is called FEMINEM. Here’s an interview with one of the main organizers (in Spanish).