More of Everything

As the pace around the Casa slowed down in February it sped up too. Not exactly sure how we’re already entering into March this week. There are a several on-going projects collaboration and commitments in the Casa, along with unique challenges in the guest-house and as always a search for finding balance as all of the outward flow of my work finds its way flowing back.

Every day is sunny and almost the same. I think it’s the best February I’ve ever had. A couple of weeks ago the Casa had a Fun Day to take advantage and relax–we got old Casa volunteers/friends to cover the reception and spent the day basking in nature at Parque los Dinamos. It was a short but necessary respite from all that has been going on in the house.

Of course the next day everything ramped back into gear, with a lot of time being dedicated to planning for programs, projects, budgeting, etc. going into the next year at the Casa. It’s awesome being part of an organization that is so horizontal because even the volunteers have a say in evaluating and directing the future of its work and focus. I’ve also been working on the February edition of Lo Que Pasa (scheduled to be sent out tomorrow), been exploring new corners and facets of this never-ending city, and continuing to expand upon the base of community and family that I’ve been building for the last six months.

As for other upcoming events and activities, we have Cinemoneda this week, our monthly film series with economic justice-related themes, we are planning a workshop and celebration for International Women’s Day with Casa Refugiados, Cafemín and other partnering organizations. I was in charge of making posters for all of these events, which was a positive creative outlet for me to invest in while also contributing something tangibly valuable to the work we are doing.

I have also just initiated my academic research aspect of the Fellowship. I found a non-profit called Casa Refugio which houses and publishes international writers being persecuted in their home countries. I am going to start acquiring and reading the literary works of these writers and thinking about how Mexico is represented through the eyes of those seeking asylum. Can’t wait to see where this project leads!