All You Have to Do is Ask

One of my assignments this week for the Casa’s Migration Committee was to make a poster advertising about the need for a truck to transport furniture donated to migrants.

The text that accompanied the poster on Facebook went like this:

“Ironía: Dos amigos migrantes recibieron un colchón cada uno y algunos otros muebles, pero… ¡No tienen cómo llevarlos a sus casas!

¿Tienes una camioneta o conoces alguien con una? ¡Colabora con nosotr*s! ¡Llámanos! 5705-0521.

Irony: Two migrant friends each received a donated mattress and other furniture, but.. they don’t have any way to get them to their homes!

Do you have a truck or do you know anyone with one? Collaborate with us! Reach us at 5707-0521. ”

Not five minutes later, reception gets a call from a friend of the Casa has a truck they’d be willing to use to help us, as long as the Casa could reimburse the use of gas.

Incredible! This is huge! All you have to do is ask. (And social media once again proves to be a significant tool for our organization.)