January Field Studies

The urgency of changing the reality of migration has not seemed as pressing in my entire time in Mexico as since the Casa-CPGC Migration Field Study arrived on Sunday, directly from their experiences on the Arizona-Mexico border which included humanitarian hikes in the desert with organizations such as No More Deaths and in ride-alongs with the Border Patrol. They bring with them their knowledge and perspective, newly experienced, of the trends, policies, and catastrophes being lived out day after day along what is now among the most militarized zones in the entire U.S.

This week we have an equal amount of learning in store for these nine students, who have traveled to Mexico to learn about the complexity of migration as a human rights crisis in Mexico which includes transmigration of Central American migrants, Mexico as a country of origin for economic migrants in search of economic survival, Mexico as a destination for asylum, Mexico’s expulsion of refugees due to cartel violence, government corruption and repression, and the phenomenon of internal migration within Mexico.

In the line-up for the week we have the students hearing from Sin Fronteras, Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes Mexico, Casa Tochan, Jornaleros SAFE, Organización Internacional para las Migraciones, and Centro de Atención para Familias de Migrantes in Tlaxcala, among others.

Servicio Jesuita Gives a Presentation to Haverford Students about Central American Transmigration Through Mexico

Servicio Jesuita Gives a Presentation to Haverford Students about Central American Transmigration in Mexico

Last week we were also involved in the coordination and accompaniment of a university group from Redlands, California, which, in addition to a socially-conscious introduction to Mexico, included several events with community organizers, cooperative members and human rights defenders in Mexico City. The group left on Sunday, the same day Haverford Migration Field Study arrived, giving us just enough time in between for a quick breath of air and a moment for reflection about how special this time is for the Casa. It’s our chance to use our resources and connections for the specific purpose of raising awareness and knowledge about the social justice work at the core of the Casa’s mission. We get to do it in Casa style, putting the most of our hospitality and peace work in action.

Redlands Students Visit the Urban Garden "Huerto Romita" in the Roma.

Redlands Students Visit the Urban Garden “Huerto Romita” in the Roma.

Haverford is here until Sunday morning. Stay tuned for more updates on their visit! (Which happens to overlap with the visit of the Haverford Chamber Singers here in Mexico City and Morelia, Michoacan.)

Haverford Chamber Singers Perform in at a Historically Large Pot Luck Dinner at the Casa

Haverford Chamber Singers Perform at a Historically Large Sunday Pot Luck Dinner at the Casa