Exhibit Dates: Friday, March 19 - Friday, April 30, 2010. Opening Reception: Friday, March 19, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

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Art in America - Nov 09

How funny! Just after Faye Hirsch from Art in America comes to speak on campus, I sit down to open the magazine’s November issue and find not one – but two (!) relevant articles to Mapping Identity.

On Page 91 -” Peninsula View”, Sarah Valdez covers “Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, featuring Do Ho Suh, one of our invited artists. The show first opened at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and is continuing in Houston from Nov. 21 – Feb. 14, 2010.

I found out about YBF when I was browsing through exhibit catalogs at the Centre Pompidou bookstore  in Paris last spring . I remember finding the whole show very exciting. At that point, I could only name Nam June Paik as THE one Korean artist who really made a name for himself in the international art sphere, but as this exhibit clearly illustrates, there are a number of Korean contemporary artists receiving international recognition and one of them will be on our very own campus! Does that not thrill anyone else??!

Flip ahead to page 121 and find Benjamin Genocchio’s “In the Heat of the Moment”, documenting the surprising success of Iranian art that has been extremely visible in just the past few years (will cover more of that in another post). Visiting a number of exhibits solely dedicated to Iranian and other Middle Eastern artists such as Shirin Neshat, Farhad Moshiri, and Shiva Ahmada helped me a lot while I was just beginning to learn about the changing notion of national identity and why it’s such a big deal in contemporary art these days…

Last but not least…page 195 Faye Hirsch’s review on the Michael Smith and Mike Kelley show at the SculptureCenter. Now, if I could only get that image of Smith in his cotton diaper out of my head…

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It’s now been 5 months since I started working on this show and I’m beginning to find aspects of it everywhere I go, even in my own apartment and the local Anthropologie…

Just take this as a “sneak peek” on what to expect in the spring…


Welcome mat(a welcome mat)

anthropologie ostrich(a very pretty paper ostrich)

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Hello world! My name is Janet Yoon and along with Professor Carol Solomon, we are co-curating Mapping Identity, an exciting show inviting internationally recognized artists.  Recognizing our ever-shrinking world with its rapidly increasing population, we find ourselves constantly in transit whether by force or by choice. With this perpetual displacement, questions are raised on transnational identity, cosmopolitanism, hybridity, so on and so forth.

There you go, the show in a very very small, image-less nutshell.

So, you may ask, what am I doing here and why am I writing a blog on a show set to open for March 2010?? As I’m learning now, the process behind curating a show can stretch for months on end, even years depending on the scale of the show. Professor Solomon and I began our brainstorming in late May early June and even today, Halloween, the show is still very much in the works.

Through this blog, I hope to document all the steps that go into curating a show and what I did as a student research assistant for Prof. Carol Solomon. I plan to update frequently on the progress from our show and will fill you guys on on all the details you missed out over the summer.