Exhibit Dates: Friday, March 19 - Friday, April 30, 2010. Opening Reception: Friday, March 19, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

By , on February 6, 2010

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I poked through my window blinds and saw that Hannum Drive was sleeping under a blanket of snow. In spite of the fact that it is Saturday and I no longer have to desperately put my ear against the radio to hear if  school’s been canceled, I still love the feeling of snow days – sitting at home with tea to drink, movies to watch, books to read….oh, wait.

Scratch that.

After realizing that I was no longer in high school, I remembered that I still had 3-4 emails to send to Mike our designer and to Prof. Solomon. We have 40 days until opening night and deadlines for EVERYTHING are fast fast fast approaching. For the past two weeks, Prof. Solomon, Matthew, James, and I have been circulating what feels like 82734 emails as we finalized our official Press Release which is now done done done! Meanwhile, Prof. Solomon and I have been neck-deep in work, trying to complete all the texts for the exhibition catalogue. This has definitely been the hardest and most rewarding work I’ve experienced yet. It’s really quite embarrassing to admit how utterly clueless I was when I first started writing the artists’ bios but with the patient and wise help of Prof. Solomon, I now have some idea of how to approach catalogue writing.

I already foresee a hectic week in front of me. Matthew reminded me that the poster/announcement card designs needed to be done ASAP in order for them to be out by March’s First Friday. With two weeks saved for printing, this means that Mike needs the designs done by Mon/Wed latest. PR stuff is looming above my head but these catalogue texts need to be done first!

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