Lunt Cafe operates as both a non-profit business and a student club. As such, we work for the benefit of Haverford & Bryn Mawr students, both our customers and employees. To this end, we maintain extremely reasonable prices and hours, host a variety of student events, and pay our staff above-market wages. We receive support and funding from Students’ Council through the Student Activities Budget, which goes towards price & wage subsidies aimed at student welfare. Lunt has been serving Haverford College since 1982, and we look forward to continuing and improving our service in the future.

We trace our origins to 1982, when Lunt took over from the old “Three Rivers Cafe” which used to be in the basement of Comfort. More than this, we don’t know a whole lot about Lunt’s history, so please give us anything you can about our origins, and we’ll do our best to gather this information as we get free time.


Lunt is 100% student run and student staffed. Take a look at our wonderful current employees smiling back at you, don’t they look ruthlessly competent yet warm and friendly? Staff are listed by name and class year below.

  • Nicole Johnson ’13 (Manager)
  • Gaby Martinez ’13
  • Sara Taggart ’13 (Manager)
  • Sofia Athanassiadis ’14 (Manager)
  • Mike Ferrara ’14
  • Stuart Hean ’14 (Manager)
  • Emily Mayer ’14
  • Mary Clare O’Donnell ’14
  • Sarah Glass ’14
  • Ruthie Cartwright ’15
  • Sedona Murphy ’15
  • Josh Nadel ’15
  • Dan Schiano ’15
  • Alex Smith ’15
  • Karina Wiener ’15
  • Abby Fullem ’16
  • Paul Mundell ’16
  • Dipaali Reddy ’16
  • Sofia Vivado ’16
  • Bruce Willis ’16