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Yesterday was the last day of Listening Project recording, and now I’ve got about 15 cassette tapes!  I knew my fears were unfounded, but as a friend of mine said today, “it’s the curse of academia.”  You never know if you (or anyone else) will make the deadline.  I have clandestinely kept a photobooth diary of my feelings: every time I received something for the Listening Project (tapes, tape recorders, recordings…), I’d snap a little photo of myself with said item(s).  So, for your viewing pleasure, a triptych of emotion:

In other news, I’ve already received some emails and notes from people who didn’t make the deadline but still want to participate.  SO, to accommodate you slackers (it’s a term of endearment), I’ve decided to leave the Humanities Center tape recorder out for a little bit longer. All the materials you need are available in the office (and I may create some kind of basket outside the office to make the process even more convenient)… don’t forget to sign the recording release form!

And of course, a BIG thank you to everyone who has already participated.  I cannot wait to hear what you have to say.

Audacity and Audaciousness

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I’ve had this one up my sleeve for a little while, so I think it’s about time I shared it with you.  When I describe the Listening Project, I’ve come to anticipate the question, “Why cassette tapes?” and the inevitable follow ups, “Why not go digital?” and “How are you going to convert to digital?”  I usually just reply that I have my ways and it isn’t that hard.

Now I have proof: Testing!

Behold!  A little while ago I made a quick recording to test out the tape recorders when they arrived.  As you can hear, I was a little over excited and started speaking too early (always wait at least five seconds), but you’d better believe that this digital recording was once (and actually, still is) on a cassette tape.  You’ll also probably notice that I am the most interesting and loquacious person alive.  You’re probably expecting me to say that I did this by magic… especially given my tendency to attribute most things to magic (see earlier posts).  I aim to surprise, though, and I will tell you the secrets: (1) male-male audio cables, (2) a free Audacity download, and (3) Digital Bits.

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Like I said: tape recorders by hook or by crook. Anyway, I didn’t actually have to resort to anything too backhanded. Just a brusque phone conversation with the people.

Thanks to everyone who heard my cries of woe and offered to help; I find you all incredibly attractive. I think I’m going to have to record this story once the tape recorders arrive.


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So, first, I almost forgot to order cassette tapes.  Now, the cassette tapes are here and the tape recorders are on backorder.  Someone needs to tell the universe to stop playing tricks on the Listening Project.  Thanks!

At any rate, the show must and will go on!  This Thursday, the LP will kick off the recording period with a radio listening party in Stokes!  We’ll listen to some podcasts, eat tasty things, chat about interviewing styles, and generally mingle.  I will acquire tape recorders by any means necessary… which means that we’ll also get to start playing with technology and anyone who comes will have the opportunity to make a recording right there!  You can check it out on facebook, too.


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Check out the sweet new FAQ page (i.e. the only page with any content right now).  I bet I read your mind!  When we get back to school, I’m going to need some help building content for some of the other pages.  Since this project hinges on student participation, I’d love to get some additional opinions before I post the official recording procedure on the How-to page.

On the bright side: I think I’ve finally found the perfect tape recorders.  Now I just have to wait for them to be back in stock!

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