Student Activities Fair

Posted by on August 31st, 2010 § 0

All right all right all right!  It’s that time of year again.  What time?  I’ll spare you the “back to school shopping” bit.  You either already know or haven’t been watching T.V. recently and don’t care (I approve, by the way).  However, excitement is still a-brewin: The Student Activities Fair is tomorrow and the Listening Project will have a table.  So, if you’re curious, swing by, sign up for the mailing list, ask me questions.  I will probably bring along my iPod and some headphones for anyone who is interested in listening to StoryCorps podcasts.  Will there be tasty treats?  Maybe.

Here We Go

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I would say, “Hello  world!” but it looks like that’s been taken care of.  After a long summer hibernation, I am ready to attempt to engage with the English language yet again.  So far so good, I think: capital letters, punctuation, clauses.

Anyway, here it is: The Listening Project.  Over the course of the next semester this blog will become the home of Haverford’s latest (only ever?) campus-wide radio storytelling project… and hopefully a few more authors.  In the coming days/weeks/months (!), we’ll be sharing our progress, posting links to other cool radio projects, and letting you know how you can get involved.  As you may have noticed, the links in the sidebar don’t connect to much useful information at the moment, so we’ll be taking care of that as well.  Mission: Next = Mission Statement!  Stay tuned.

And while you wait, don’t touch that dial; touch this instead: StoryCorps.

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