Looking Ahead…

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Well, it is most certainly 2011.  With the impending date change hovering over my head, I spent the last few days of 2010 tying up loose ends and accomplishing tasks that might imply some kind of resolution.  To wit: I signed up for a “trial membership” at a nearby yoga studio; I submitted an application to teach English in France; I purchased snow boots.  A lighthearted New Years Eve gave way to a heavy-headed New Years Day, but here I am… and with cassettes in tow!  A friend somehow managed to snag a decorative cassette tape off the bathroom wall in the fine establishment that hosted our revelry.  I can honestly say that under no other circumstances would I be more grateful for a tape of Nashville Pussy’s classic tunes.  Happy New Year to all!

While I’m rather doubtful that I will ever listen to this trophy tape, I am pleased to announce that the Listening Project has already acquired several more tapes (as yet unheard) whose recordings we will likely unveil next semester.  Although the LP was originally commissioned for just one semester, I think it’s clear that we still have work to do.  We have alumni voices to share now (and more who want to record).  I should also mention that one Stephen G. Emerson took a turn behind the tape recorder at our reception.  The following night, we ordered enough pizza for forty people and, by golly, all of it was consumed at the Broadcast Party.  Afterward, I received many emails from people interested in recording and peers who were interested in getting a copy of the broadcast.

Unfortunately, the broadcast mp3 is too large to share via WordPress, but this brings me to my next point.  Even if I were able to share the broadcast, it still wouldn’t do the recordings justice.  Whittling down seventeen tapes’ worth of material for a thirty minute broadcast meant leaving out entire interviews for the sake of continuity.  This coming semester, the LP hopes both to begin the process of archiving the tapes in the library and to create a series of brief themed podcasts to share on the blog.  We may also reopen community recording in some small scale way.  Keep your eyes on the blog, because 2011 has a lot in store for the LP.

Big thanks to Thy for keeping up with the blog over the holidays!

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Focus Group!

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Well, the final Listening Project focus group has come to a close and the list of interview questions is set! They’ll be available online presently and so will the procedure for recording.  Yesssss!

During the focus group discussion (which occurred over cups of tea I brewed myself thankyouverymuch), we talked a lot about what makes the Listening Project a compelling initiative for the Haverford community.  And, of course, because I believe it is compelling, I wanted to share what we came up with: nothing like this has ever happened before.  Okay, that’s a cliché, but it’s also true (Listening Project recording is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… but we won’t go there).  Student voices are sorely underrepresented (read: absent) in the oral history recordings housed in the college archives.  Faculty and administration have had their say and effectively preserved themselves in Haverford history… but what about the rest of us?  We know you’ll have something to say about our questions, so check back soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for information about the Inaugural Day of Recording and training dates for Student Interviewers.  And, as always… get in touch, if you’re interested!

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