Office Hours!

Posted by on November 19th, 2010 § 0

I know how setting deadlines works.  The end date for any open submission period is always the day that all the submissions come pouring in.  I’ve been in this position before and it’s turned out fine, but it’s always a little scary to think about.

This Sunday is the END of the open recording period! These weeks have flown by.  I know many people have pledged recordings, but I’m just not going to be able to believe it until I see it, you know.  I guess I’m a person of little faith (or maybe that’s just the nervousness speaking… I think it’s probably that one).

To help people overcome their fear of recording, the LP will be holding “office hours” throughout the day on Sunday.  Our lovely student volunteers will be hanging around various tape recorders to help you get started (and, of course, you can still make recordings on your own, if you so desire).  Here’s the breakdown:

1:00-2:00 = Ryan Gym
2:00-3:00 = Roberts Basement
3:00-4:00 = DC Basement
4:00-5:00 = Ryan Gym
8:00-9:00 = Roberts Basement

You can drop in, or email if you’d like to reserve a specific time slot (10 or 15 minutes should do the trick).

Happy recording!

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