One Hello World

Posted by on January 19th, 2011 § 0

A while back, I mentioned the How Are You Doing Project, which allows people to answer that question that we always ask in passing without ever really waiting for the answer.  One Hello World is another voicemail-based project, but it legitimizes what we have to say in a different way — with music.  Each voicemail gets its own original soundtrack, but as far as I can tell, that’s the only editing that takes place.  Awesome project.

Things Are Happening!

Posted by on September 14th, 2010 § 0

Oh yes they are!  The Listening Project had a great turnout at the activities fair: sign-ups spilled onto a second page!  This is Haverford, though, so of course, now I have to start badgering the people on the list to make time in their busy schedules.  It will happen, though — always does.

Next mission: Plan focus groups!  The goal of a Listening Project focus group is just to start a dialogue about the project, to talk about the goals, and of course, to determine what interests people the most.  If this project isn’t accessible to the community, it will likely crash and burn.  Not that I want to foreshadow anything (we just talked about tragic irony in my senior sem, so it’s on the brain).  If you’re interested in participating in a focus group: speak up!  Feel free to post a comment here or email me:

Sometimes most unexpected ideas can produce broad results when executed simply.  Case in point: the How Are You Doing Project (found courtesy of Yesterday Was Not Dull)

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