Irony and downloads

Posted by on February 24th, 2011 § 0

It was only yesterday, as I was putting up a few fliers around campus, that I realized the unfortunate irony of calling the accessibility tour a “walking tour,” when the point of the tour, of course, is that anyone with any level of mobility should be able to participate.  I had not intended to use exclusive language, but even after all the research I had done to organize the tour, I ultimately continued to think just of my own body when I made the flier… but that’s exactly what the tour asks us to do.  It asks us to consider our own relationships to accessible spaces and how our bodies do or don’t use those spaces; at the same time, though, it seeks to broaden our understanding of what accessibility means and how it impacts our lives on campus.

In other news, the downloadable materials are available!  (Thank you, Sebastianna!)  The mp3 and print versions of the tour are both available on the “Projects” page of this website, and there are a number of ways you can take advantage of these materials:

  1. Select only one to guide your tour experience, but talk to people using a different tour taking method.  Try to find out how experiences vary.
  2. Use both, but rely mainly on the mp3, using the print guide for its map and time code indications.
  3. Use both, but rely mainly on the print tour, occasionally using the mp3 to listen to some of the clips from student recordings.
  4. Use both equally, listening to the narration on the mp3 and following along in the print guide.
  5. There are definitely other creative ways to interact with the materials provided.  Come up with something that works for you!

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