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Like I said: tape recorders by hook or by crook. Anyway, I didn’t actually have to resort to anything too backhanded. Just a brusque phone conversation with the people.

Thanks to everyone who heard my cries of woe and offered to help; I find you all incredibly attractive. I think I’m going to have to record this story once the tape recorders arrive.


Posted by on November 1st, 2010 § 0

So, first, I almost forgot to order cassette tapes.  Now, the cassette tapes are here and the tape recorders are on backorder.  Someone needs to tell the universe to stop playing tricks on the Listening Project.  Thanks!

At any rate, the show must and will go on!  This Thursday, the LP will kick off the recording period with a radio listening party in Stokes!  We’ll listen to some podcasts, eat tasty things, chat about interviewing styles, and generally mingle.  I will acquire tape recorders by any means necessary… which means that we’ll also get to start playing with technology and anyone who comes will have the opportunity to make a recording right there!  You can check it out on facebook, too.

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