FAQ Questions

Yes, okay, the title is redundant, but that doesn’t make this page any less useful.  Behold: a list of questions you may have, followed by helpful (and friendly!) answers.

What is the Listening Project?

Glad you asked!  The Listening Project, following the model of larger national storytelling projects like StoryCorps, is a student-centric storytelling project at Haverford College.  The LP’s main goal is to collect/record students’ stories about their time at Haverford, both for the college archives and for an exciting (!) radio presentation for the community at the end of the first semester.  For more information about the birth of the LP, check out the About section.

Why should I care?

The LP is all about communication and community.  This is your chance to go down in Haverford history or interview a friend who has a story to tell.  This project is for you and about you: you should care because we can’t do it without you!

Oh, cool.  How do I get involved?

Well, if you’re interested in recording a story or interviewing a friend, just check out the How-to section for directions and the Interview Questions section for suggested topics.  If you’re interested in getting involved with other parts of the process, get in touch with Thea Hogarth (thogarth@hc) and just let her know what you’re into.  FYI, we’d love to have some designated student interviewers.  If you just want to stay hip to what’s going on with the LP, tell Thea you’d like to be on our mailing list and we’ll make that happen.

What if I can’t find someone to interview me?

You clearly aren’t looking hard enough!  Just kidding.  We’re working on assembling a team of student interviewers, so if you’d like to set up an interview with someone, just get in touch.

Can my friend(s) and I get interviewed together?

Sure!  As long as the group remains reasonably small, feel free to record a group discussion on any of the given questions.

What if I want to talk about something that doesn’t directly answer any of the interview questions?

No worries.  The interview questions are meant as guidelines.  As long as you’re talking about Haverford and your experiences as a student at Haverford, we’d love to have you.

What if I’m not comfortable revealing my identity?

The LP will respect and honor anyone’s desire to remain anonymous; we simply ask that you identify yourself in some way at the end of your recording, whether it be by name or by some other aspect of your identity (“I’m a girl” or “I’m a freshman” or “I’m a musician”).

Okay, so, I think I get it, but I just have one more burning question: What’s with the “LP” thing?  Aren’t we recording on cassette tapes?

Uhh… yeah… about that.  Poor planning on our part, but, come on, it’s still pretty clever… right?