Public broadcasting is on the chopping block

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With the ambitious goal of cutting 100 billion dollars from the federal budget, House Republicans have put out a new spending bill that would not only reduce a number of federal programs substantially, including housing, energy and transportation, but also completely eliminate organizations like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The spending bill, put forward by the Appropriations Committee for consideration on the floor next week, proposes slashing a wide portfolio of domestic programs and foreign aid. It blocks the spending of about $2 billion in unused economic stimulus money and seeks to prevent theĀ Internal Revenue Service from enforcing the new health care law. The measure also cuts financing directly from the office of the president. (nytimes)

72 percent of CPB’s funds go directly to local stations–this includes over 900 public radio stations and more than 350 local public television stations. Most local stations receive 10-15 percent of their funding from the federal government. This includes the National Minority Consortia (Center for Asian American Media, National Black Programming Consortium, Native American Public Telecommunications, etc.), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), and Public Radio International (PRI).

More than half of all Americans use public media each month, whether through their local radio station, television programming, or online and digital media. Public broadcasting is, by no means, a partisan or underutilized good. Rather, millions of Americans benefit from and contribute to such a thriving and relevant part of our national media.

Take action on this issue by writing to your local representative, or find out more at 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting.

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