Spaces and Steps

Posted by on November 3rd, 2010 § 0

The long-awaited recording directions are finally available on the How-To page!  Although these may change a tiny bit over the next few days… well… there they are.  Most excitingly, we’ve finally revealed the recording spaces! You’ll be able to find LP recording stations in Ryan Gym, Roberts Basement, and the DC Basement. There will also be a “nomadic” tape recorder available for checkout at the Humanities Center.

The logic behind selecting these spaces was to give the tape recorders a public home.  The LP is for everyone, and so everyone should be able to access it.  We also wanted to pick spaces that were somewhat secluded to provide both a quiet space for recording and a private space for those who need it.  We also understand that some of you might just want to record in your own spaces: that’s what the nomadic tape recorder is for!

Don’t forget: Radio Listening Party coming up this Thursday!  (Seriously, tie a string around your finger.  I am going to get nice cheese.)

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