Portugal 2014: Day 7

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already had our last two days in Portugal!

Day 7: We set our alarms for 6:45 a.m. to be down at breakfast by 7. With a full day planned we needed the early start to fit everything in. Our new hotel (Hotel Inglaterra) is located in the town of Estoril, known by the locals as the Hollywood of Lisbon, just 20 minutes outside of downtown Lisbon.

After breakfast we took a short bus ride to a Portuguese athletic facility in Cascais (the next town over from Estoril) with a gym and an outdoor turf field to get a workout in as well as a short practice. We divided our team into two groups (offense & defense) and divided our time between the weight room and the turf field. Coach Walts put us through a circuit in the gym, while Coach Bathory and Coach Wilber worked us through stick drills on the turf.

After practice we headed back to the hotel briefly, where bagged lunches were waiting for us. Eating lunch on the go, we boarded the bus to head into downtown Lisbon for the afternoon.

Once we arrived we grabbed a quick bite on our own and were then met by our two tour guides, Marta and Sofia. The sophomores and juniors went with Marta, while the seniors and freshmen went with Sofia. From 2-5 p.m. we toured Lisbon on foot. A city unknown to most of us, Lisbon has a very detailed and complicated history. We learned all about the Portuguese explorers, the multiple fires and earthquakes that destroyed the city, as well as the Spanish and French occupations of Portugal. After taking the walking tour of Lisbon, we were all left with a greater knowledge of Portuguese history and the complications of being a nation that has so many different cultural influences. Touring St. Dominic church, the Alentejo palace, the Bairro Alto district, the Baixa Chiado district, and the Commercial Square, we can now say we are familiar with the historic city of Lisbon.

After the tour, we returned to our hotel for dinner and had free time for the rest of the night. Many of the guys walked deeper into the town of Estoril, while others hopped in taxis and ventured into the neighboring town of Cascais. With another early wake-up call the next day, we all turned in early to get our rest.

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