James House Manifesto

  1. Art is a right for students.
  2. James House is open to all members of the Haverford community, at all hours of the day.
  3. James House is for everyone. Claim it. It is yours. Leave your mark.
  4. Respect the rights of others. There can be no art where there is ignorance.
  5. James House is always changing; it is inconstant. We cannot be inflexible.
  6. Art begets happiness. James House is available to make art. Within James House are finger paints, tempera paints, markers, sewing a machine, clay&wheels, lights&clips, paper&pens. James House is ever-expanding.
  7. James House is for students. It is not a part of any department. It is funded by Students’ Council. It is run by James House board. If you want to be involved, ask.
  8. Art should not be limited to James House. Bring art into the Haverford community. This is possible within the Honor
    Code and without defacement. Make something and change something.
  9. James House is a space. James House is an idea. James House is an option.
  10. James House is not limited. It is a meeting space; it is a party space; it is an art space. Be aware of others; make people aware of when you will hold an event in the space.
  11. James House is not limiting. Do not feel condemned by the materials available. James
    House is for writing. James House is for photography. James House is for stenciling.
  12. James House is for Haverford. James House is for curiosity. James House is yours.

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