Anyone who loves food, and that means everyone, will be excited to know that this Sunday there will be food trucks on campus at one of events hosted by Haverford’s AIDS Service Network: Project Food Truck. You can take a week off from DC brunch and stop by founders from 11:30 to 2:30 to get food from Dadz Grilled Cheez and BrazBQ. 10% of all proceeds from the food trucks will be donated to the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia which means that you can picnic on founders and give back to the fight against HIV and AIDS at the same time.

Don’t just stop there either. You will be able to learn more about the resources offered by Philadelphia HIV organizations and Haverford’s Morris Health Center. Come out for delicious Brazilian burgers and grilled cheese and for information that can help save lives and learn ways to give back.

For information on the food trucks check out these websites:

Dadz Grilled Cheez -
BrazBQ -

Information on the organizations can be found here:

Mazzoni Center -
AIDS Fund -
Galei -
Morris Health Center -

And like Haverford AIDS Service Network on Facebook for more information!

and check out 8D if you are looking for ways to get involved.

Hey ya’ll!

OMG April Fools is right around the corner (TUESDAY) and I can’t wait to prank everybody that I know!

This weekend’s weather is looking pretty decent (in the mid 50s). The only problem is that it’s going to be rainy and humid… so make sure to carry around your umbrella and anti-humidity hairspray! Although there aren’t that many events this week, the ones that are going on are poppin’. Here are this weekend’s events <3

**Commentary by Intern #3


The GIF of the week: “Heavy Breathing Cat”



Friday, March 28, 2014:



The Seven Person Pyramid High Wire Act

7:00pm-9:00pm, Squash Court #2

** At first I thought it was a trapeze show in which people would walk on a wire and jump through flaming hoops. Then I googled it and found out that it’s a play about bats and a dance concert….. so if you’re into bats and underground theater, you should stop by! Also the poster is pretty cool, so you should go just for that. #artsy #hipster #alumni


Ableism Keynote Panel: Mia Mingus and Carl Sigmund *Part of (Dis)Ability Awareness Week

7:30pm-9:30pm, Stokes Aud

** Educate yourself! #edumacate #oooooo



Saturday, March 29, 2014:


Haverford’s Got Talent

7:00pm – 9:00pm, Marshall Aud

**From singing to dancing to comedy this talent show is gonna be awesome. It’s like a 4th grade talent show except that these kids got talent.  Also the MCs (Brand-on Kelly and Stephen Pro-fetta) will probably steal the show with their raunchy comedy. Also the only thing Cruz has been talking about for the past month is this show so… please go… it’s his baby. #SimonCowell #wheredreamsdontcometrue #Cruz’sbaby #funny #startedfromthebottom #JinandJuice


Fro Life – Fro Choice

7:00pm – 9:00pm, Founders Hall

** If you like hair and are looking for some tips on how to love your hair then you should stop by. From fashion show to merchandise station (maybe they’ll be selling anti-humidity hairspray) to a panel discussion… it’s all about HAIR (not the Lady Gaga song doe). #hair #Haaallaaaah #itsgoingdown #letitgo #youdoyou #youdohair #hairdoyou


Enjoy the weekend but don’t get too Creigh!

She is awesome

Tei Shi will be jamming out this Friday (2/21) in Lunt

This is Tei Shi. She makes great music and you have the chance to see her this Friday!

Check her out on soundcloud- Nervermind the End is beautifully sad with a great rhythm to keep you swaying along as she broods. Make the most of the meditative powers of the a dark, snowy wintertime with Tei Shi and her plaintive groove.

Also, this article as a bonus:

Be there on this Friday, Feb. 22 @ 10p in Lunt!!!!

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Hello Fellow Fordians,

I hope the rain didn’t stop you from having a good time over the weekend. But if it rained on your parade, don’t worry because this week’s forecast is sunny, sunny, sunny!

You should take advantage of the good weather and go into Philly this Saturday (9.28.2013) for ‘College Day @ Philly’! There will be good live music, free admission for museums, tons of food trucks with student discounts, AND a rock wall! The best part of this special event is that it is designed for new and returning students to turn off their “study mode”,  get out of their “college bubble”, and discover what Center City is made of. The event will take place from 10am-4pm in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


In order to access all of these benefits you’ll need to take your One Card and present it in the entrance of the participating institution. So if you lost it, you better go to Safety and Security and get a replacement!

This is the list of participating museums/cultural institutions with free admission:

  • Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
  • The African American Museum in Philadelphia
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Franklin Institute
  • Moore College of Art and Design
  • National Constitution Center
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Philadelphia History Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art & the Perelman Building
  • Rodin Museum

(Underlined are some of my favorite sites on Philly, but the other places are great as well!)


So tell you friends, get some Septa Tickets/Tokens, and don’t miss out on this great opportunity because it only happens once a year!


For more information and updates go to the CampusPhilly website!

**Also, Restaurant Week is still happening this weekend, so there are many excuses to get out of the “haverbubble”!**