Winter is coming, you need an extra layer of insulation for survival. It is time to partake in shameless carnivory by eating Barbecue. Hip bbq joints in Philadelphia are a relatively recent phenomenon, but they are here and they are smoking, rubbing, and saucing meat. Fette Sau, Barbacoa, and Blue Belly are three such institutions and they are considered to be among the best that the city has to offer.

Fette Sau

1208 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Mon-Thurs 5pm-11pm, Fri 5pm-12pm, Sat Noon-12am, Sun Noon-11pm

German for fat pig, Fette Sau sounds a little pretentious until you realize what it means, but it’s still in German. Angela Merkel does not call to mind down and dirty American food. Also, this restaurant is imported from NYC, so it’s not a Philly original, but when it comes to BBQ in the Northeast one can’t really enforce originality. Putting my quibbles aside, this place is known for a cafeteria style serving line where you get meat by the pound. They are known for their dry rub brisket and ribs, and all of their meats are “hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free”. When you place your order, they carve out your portion from on the spot, and give you some dinner roles for making an impromptu sandwich. On the side, their roasted mushrooms have a following, but they don’t offer the traditional lineup of bbq sides like cornbread, mac n’ cheese, and collard greens. The fanfare here is about meat and atmosphere, and they have some great patio seating that is heated for year round enjoyment.

Directions: Take the MFL to Girard, walk east along Girard until you hit Frankford Ave, then make a left. Fette Sau will be just up the street on the left.

das meat.




64 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore, PA 19003

Tues-Thurs 5pm-9pm, Fri/Sat 5pm-10pm, Sun 4pm-8pm, Closed Mondays.

Barbacoa has the advantage of being close to home, so if you have a bbq craving that just can’t wait, this might be your best option. They specialize in fire-roasted peruvian chicken, which they brine for 12 hours, and cook on spits over hardwood coals and oak logs. They also offer bisket, St. Louis ribs, and Nowegian salmon, along with the classic sides: corn bread, mac n’ cheese, slaw, etc. Menu note: they are the only restaurant in this trio to offer traditional corn bread and a salmon option. Barbacoa offers 10% off take-out orders on Tuesday and Wednesday, so you can pop by and grab some of their Peruvian chicken to drag back to your cave and gnaw on the bones.

Directions: Walk along Lancaster until you get to Cricket Ave. then turn right. Make the first left onto Cricket Terrace, then a right on Rittenhouse Pl. Barbacoa will be on the right.


The Ardmore Platter

Blue Belly BBQ

600 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Sun, Wed, Thurs: 12–8 pm, Fri/Sat: 12–9 pm, Closed Mondays

Of all the restaurants discussed in this post, Blue Belly comes the closest to a southern bbq joint. Of course, they own their northern identity- a “blue belly” was a northern soldier during the Civil War. What they have in common with their southern counterparts is a respect for the side item. When you order a platter of Berkshire pork, grass-fed beef, or organic chicken, you get your choice of three sides. None of the “sides extra” nonsense. Sides are sacred, a part of the bbq ritual, and Blue Belly gets it right. Additionally, their loaded tater-tots have bacon, cheese, pulled pork, scallions, and sour cream so that you can start your meal off right. The chef, Gene Giuffi, also runs the upscale restaurant Cochon, so you are eating serious food in the laid back tradition of bbq at Blue Belly.

Directions: Take the train to Market east, or the NSHL/MFL to 5th, then walk along Market until you get to 6th. Walk south on 6th until you get to 6th and Catherine, Blue Belly is on the right near the corner.

Ribs, Corn Cakes, Mac, Tater Salad

The rib platter from Blue Belly


Go forth and feast on tasty bbq!


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Curious George at the Parade last year

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and while some of you are heading home or to a friends house, if you are staying on campus Philly has something to add to the festivities. Every year Philadelphia has their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. A few streets are shut down for floats, balloons, marching bands, dance groups, and local performers to be seen by locals and visitors alike. If you are willing to wake up early, the parade runs from 8:30am to noon, you can hop on Regional Rail and get off at Suburban Station to catch the parade as it moves along JFK Boulevard or you can walk over to Logan Square.While you are in Philly you can find yummy hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm and a Thanksgiving themed lunch after. If 8:30am is too early or the weather is cold enough to keep you out of Philly, you could always wake up later and head over to Wawa for a Gobbler, turkey and gravy with stuffing and cranberry sauce in a hoagie, and catch a rerun of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Have you ever picked up tickets or tokens from the SAO office and thought, “I really wish I could have more tickets/tokens because I want to make more than one stop” ?

Guess what! After fall break you wont have to worry about that because replacing the tickets and tokens are One Day Independence Passes! The One Day Independence Pass provides unlimited travel on Bus, Trolley, Subway, and Regional Rail. It is valid at all times on the Airport Line and also provides unlimited Phlash Service (May-October). It is not activated until first use on the system, and is valid until 2:00 AM following midnight on the day of activation.

So go forth into Philly Fords! Go forth and enjoy unlimited rides!

Independence Pass


Hello Fellow Fordians,

I hope the rain didn’t stop you from having a good time over the weekend. But if it rained on your parade, don’t worry because this week’s forecast is sunny, sunny, sunny!

You should take advantage of the good weather and go into Philly this Saturday (9.28.2013) for ‘College Day @ Philly’! There will be good live music, free admission for museums, tons of food trucks with student discounts, AND a rock wall! The best part of this special event is that it is designed for new and returning students to turn off their “study mode”,  get out of their “college bubble”, and discover what Center City is made of. The event will take place from 10am-4pm in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


In order to access all of these benefits you’ll need to take your One Card and present it in the entrance of the participating institution. So if you lost it, you better go to Safety and Security and get a replacement!

This is the list of participating museums/cultural institutions with free admission:

  • Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
  • The African American Museum in Philadelphia
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Franklin Institute
  • Moore College of Art and Design
  • National Constitution Center
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Philadelphia History Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art & the Perelman Building
  • Rodin Museum

(Underlined are some of my favorite sites on Philly, but the other places are great as well!)


So tell you friends, get some Septa Tickets/Tokens, and don’t miss out on this great opportunity because it only happens once a year!


For more information and updates go to the CampusPhilly website!

**Also, Restaurant Week is still happening this weekend, so there are many excuses to get out of the “haverbubble”!**


Welcome back to the 2nd edition of really awesome things to do in Philly!

This time, I will be discussing my personal favorite meal: brunch.


Everyone loves brunch.  There is so much to do: eat, drink, be merry, and gossip with your friends. We at Haverford are lucky enough to get brunch on Sundays at the DC, but what about that insatiable Saturday midday hunger that can be only be stifled with fluffy pancakes, unlimited OJ, and fresh berries?  We have the wide, wonderful world of Philly to feed us.

And dudes out there- you may think brunch is a ladies thing, but don’t be fooled.  I went to brunch on Saturday, and there was a group of the bro-iest looking bros dining on some bacon and eggs.  Brunch is a genderless meal for us all to enjoy.

So, without further ad0, here is a quick guide to your go-to brunch spots in Philly:



Location: 227 S 18th St.

Type of Food: French

Short Description: This Stephen Starr restaurant features gourmet French food, delectable desserts, and a cafe-in-Paris vibe.  Come here to impress your lady friends, or to feel like you are part of the bourgeois in 19th century France.

Continental Mid-town


Location: 1801 Chestnut St.

Type of Food: Mostly American, Features Other Cuisines

Short Description: Another Stephen Starr restaurant with great atmosphere and great cocktails (only if you are over 21, though!).  This is a great place to try if you are in the mood for classic brunch favorites or if you are looking for a Jetson-meets-Brady Brunch feel.  Bonus: great rooftop seating if the weather is nice!

Sabrina’s Cafe


Location: 1804 Callowhill St.

Type of Food: American, Diner Food

Short Description: This diner-esque restaurant features massive portions with typical brunch food.  This is a good place to go if you like home-y spots, or want a variety of breakfast and lunch food.  The stuffed french toast is a fan favorite!

Cafe Lift


Location: 428 N 13th St.

Type of Food: American, Diner Food

Short Description: Cafe Lift is a hip, artsy breakfast joint with killer brunch- it’s their specialty!  A comfortable loft space that’s looks like it was styled out of an Urban Outfitters catalog.  Try their famous cannoli french toast!

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop


Location: 261 S 44th St.

Type of Food: Mexican

Short Description: Not feeling typical brunch-y food?  No problem!  A tiny joint popular with the UPenn students that features a variety of taco options- even in the morning!  Feeling breakfast food?  Also, not a problem- Tom’s has a selection of great breakfast tacos.

So here are just a few of the great options to pursue for the greatest meal ever.  Try one, try them all- they will not disappoint!  See you in Philly, Fords!


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  • Leigh Kloss is currently a Junior at Haverford College. She is a Psychology major and Gender and Sexuality Studies and History of Art minor. When she is not working at the fabulous Student Activities Office, she enjoys rapping to Nicki Minaj, watching Mean Girls, and shopping at Trader Joe's.

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September 15-20 & Sept 22-27

September 15-20 & Sept 22-27

Hello Fellow Fordians,


Are you a foodie? Wanna go grab a bite outside of the “haverbubble”?


Well you’re in luck because Philly is holding “Center City Restaurant Week”. The event will take place throughout September 15-20 and 22-27. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous meal from one of the 90 participating restaurants. All of the establishments will be offering three-course dinners for $35, and many will also be offering a three-course lunch for $20.

Some of the restaurants will be offering specials on Saturday, September 21 but it wouldn’t be such a bad idea going Friday afternoon/night or Sunday during the day.

If you are interested in going, the events website recommends that you make a reservation (to avoid getting stuck in a long waiting line!).


Also, you still have time to sign up for Septa tokens at the Student Activities Office.


Website with list of participating restaurants:


If you are a Tweeter you can follow the Event and check out Updates and Special Offers here:

FAB Trip: Phillies VS Mets 9/20/2013

FAB Trip: Phillies VS Mets

Hi Fordians!!

Don’t have any plans for next Friday? Want to take a break from academics and get out of the “haverbubble”? Well you’re in luck! Because FAB is hosting a trip to see the Philadelphia Phillies take on the New York Mets on Friday September 20th. The game is scheduled to start around 7:00p.m. and you will be back on Campus around 11:00p.m (transportation is provided).

You wanna go?
You may sign up yourself and one HaverFriend for the event. TICKETS GO ON SALE (for FREE, of course) on Monday, September 16th @ 7:00am on HaverTicket:

There are 46 tickets available. So set your alarms because you do not want to miss this spectacle!

Disclosure: You don’t have to be a baseball fan to have an amazing time!

I want you (phillies)


As a senior coming back from a spring abroad, there is one thing I am most looking forward to this year: going out and exploring Philly.

Though it seems strange that during my last year as a Haverford College student, and especially after coming back from a semester away, I would want to get off of campus, Philly is Haverford’s greatest untapped resource.  Not only is Philly exploding with generally awesome stuff to do (a very underrated city in my opinion), being in a noisy city allows you to appreciate the quaint aspects of Haverford the city doesn’t have.  As fun as going into the city is when I, when I come back, all I want to do is cozy up in my bed with a cup of hot coffee and a book, and see the tree-lined paths and my fellow Fords.  Haverford is home, but Philly is that cool, older babysitter you always wanted to be like when you grow up.

So, now that we have established that going into Philly is definitely The Thing To Do, what is there to do??? Don’t worry, my friend, you have come to the right place.  Here is a some pretty cool opportunity just a 20 minute train ride away (and a free one at that if you sign up for a Septa ticket from our office!):

Art. Yep, you should go see some art while you are in Philly. Be fancy and cultured, I know you want to. But instead of going to the PMA like every Intro Art History class, we’ll go out of the box. Let’s try some hipster art. Ok, so before I make you gag too much, hear me out.  I found this thing on Tumblr (please keep reading, I know you hate me a lot right now and think this is some sick joke): Erin M. Riley’s Taboo Tapestry.  Sound like a joke? Nope. This totally awesome, badass weaving chick constructs controversial pictures with a loom. A freaking loom.  If you are not intrigued, I hate you. No, but seriously, check out this stuff.  She weaves images about sexuality, selfies, criminals, drug use, whatever controversial topic we have PAFs about (selfie PAF???, should we make this happen? no?), she has the threads for it. Look at these:

I will not apologize for my excitement. So, now you must be almost as excited as me- let’s get some details:
Her work will be shown at the Paradigm Gallery in Philly (803 S. 4th St.) from August 30th-October 12th.
Go!!! Now!

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  • Leigh Kloss is currently a Junior at Haverford College. She is a Psychology major and Gender and Sexuality Studies and History of Art minor. When she is not working at the fabulous Student Activities Office, she enjoys rapping to Nicki Minaj, watching Mean Girls, and shopping at Trader Joe's.

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