Who will survive to Nerf another day?

SIGN UP HERE: www.hvzsource.com/haverford/

Hello Fellow Fordians!

Halloween is coming up and there is no better way to get hyped for it than by playing Human Vs. Zombies. Sophomore, Casey Falk, got the idea to bring this game to Haverford when his friend raved about how  it was “the best and most exciting part of his year”.

What are the Rules of this super fun game?

~Well, they are quite simple. The game starts with almost everyone being on the human team, and they’ll have to wear a bandana on their leg or arm in order to be identified. A few individuals will be randomly chosen to be the “Original Zombies”,and will wear a bandana around their head at all times. The objective of the zombies is to tag out humans every 48 hours or else they are out of the game.  The goal of the humans is to survive the zombie invasion (not get tagged). There will be designated safe zones, such as buildings, in which everyone will be safe from attacks.


If I am a Human, can I protect myself from a Zombie?

~Yep! Everyone in the human team will be given a sock, which you can be thrown at a Zombie. The Zombie will then become stunned and won’t be allowed to participate in the game for 15 minutes. OR if you think you are not skilled in the arts of throwing, you can use a Nerf gun that can be bought at CVS.


Another fun thing that one can do in the game is create a group of Humans for safety (like in ‘The Walking Dead’). So you should tell your Customs Group and/or friends to join you in this once in a lifetime adventure.



Guess who’s already signed up to take part in this game? Deans (Donna Mancini, Theresa M.Tensua, Michael Martinez, Steven Watter), Lilly Lavner, Lory Roth and DAN WEISS!! Yes that is right, you will get the opportunity to convert one (or more) of these great folks into a Zombie and then proceed to hit them with a sock/dart! They won’t mind as long as it is in the name of ‘friendly fun’ (aka please be delicate).


In conclusion, you should register because it will be FUN!

SIGN UP HERE: www.hvzsource.com/haverford/

For more information on the game you can go to this website: http://humansvszombies.org/rules and/or wait for the email that will be sent out with more detailed information.


FAB Trip: Phillies VS Mets 9/20/2013

FAB Trip: Phillies VS Mets

Hi Fordians!!

Don’t have any plans for next Friday? Want to take a break from academics and get out of the “haverbubble”? Well you’re in luck! Because FAB is hosting a trip to see the Philadelphia Phillies take on the New York Mets on Friday September 20th. The game is scheduled to start around 7:00p.m. and you will be back on Campus around 11:00p.m (transportation is provided).

You wanna go?
You may sign up yourself and one HaverFriend for the event. TICKETS GO ON SALE (for FREE, of course) on Monday, September 16th @ 7:00am on HaverTicket:

There are 46 tickets available. So set your alarms because you do not want to miss this spectacle!

Disclosure: You don’t have to be a baseball fan to have an amazing time!

I want you (phillies)


Yes, finals week has finals.
But, it also has no class, and FAB Finals Events to get you through to break!
The classic FAB events, the big three, are Midnight Breakfast, Ben & Jerry’s Bingo, and the Midnight Cheesesteak Run.
Midnight breakfast- Sunday, Dec 16th @ 11:30 pm in the DC
Get your own tots.
B&J Bingo- Monday, Dec 17th @ 8:30 pm in the DC
Prizes and free pints.
MCR- Dec Wednesday, 19th, departing Campus Center @ 11:30 pm
Pat’s or Geno’s? Or both…twice…
Some noms for thought.

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