Hey HC 16,

Next Thursday, September 19th at 8:30 pm is the Sophomore Lock-in! It will take place in Gooding Arena (in the GIAC) and it will be a great opportunity to connect with your classmates, have some fun, learn some valuable information, and eat free food.

Bingo, prizes, food- all of these are great draws, but imagine if you got all of that and some practical knowledge about navigating the summer internship scene. You’d be way ahead of the game.

There are lots of summer opportunities out there, but it can be a challenge to find the right one and make it happen. Enter the CCPA and the Student Activities Office.

The CCPA has taken the internship programs that the College offers, which span a diverse range of interests, and created a resource where you can find the description, program details, application forms and time-frame. You can find this trove of information here:


Want to work in a Social Justice field? CPGC

Business/Entrepreneurial? Whitehead Internship

Research in the natural sciences? KINSC Stipends …What!?

Pre-med, public health projects? Check. Steven Jaharis Fellowship

Journalism/Communications? Yep. Silk Internship  and Smart Family Grant

Service Projects, Non-Profits, and Outreach, oh my! Summer Serve, Lambda Alumni Program, Gertrude Heller Grant

Arts and Humanities, all the way: Hurford Center Internships

It’s a lot, but that just means that there is probably something that you can make work for you!

At the lock in, this information and more will be presented so that you can understand your options, ask questions, and hopefully grow more confidant and comfortable about applying for a summer internship.

Come check it out!


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  • 12 September 2013
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