Are you one of the few peoples far and few between that is staying at Haverford for fall break?  Don’t feel alone, because Schaf (and plenty of others) are in the same boat! And if you really don’t want to spend break catching up on your organic chemistry and spanish work, or crying into your biology textbook, you can feel free to break the Haverbubble. But, where would you go? There are so many places to go! Yet so little to do!  But is this REALLY true….? OF COURSE NOT! For each day of fall break, a list has been compiled just for you, so that YOU, yes YOU, have places to go, people to see, and things to do in the wonderful, lovely, amazing city of Philadelphia.

Saturday, 11 October 2014-

Sunday, 12 October 2014-

  • Like theater?  Go to a play!  The production company Tiny Dynamite is presenting A Number by Cary Churchill.  15 dollars gets you a pint of beverage, slice of pizza, and a seat to the show!  (

Tuesday, 14 October 2014-

  • Itching to see an outdoor movie?  Well you’re in luck because Dilworth Park (by City Hall) will be screening Million Dollar Arm.  7:30 pm, be there with your own chair.  (
  • Free concert on Tuesday October 14 2014 (Kimmell Center, more information on


  • Explore Penn’s Landing! (
  • Like art?  Visit the Lasalle University Art Museum!  Their attraction is Hung Liu: Prints and Tapestries , free to enter (though appreciates donations), and also located in the Germantown area.  (


Just remember, fall break doesn’t have to involve crying in your dorm room alone, living off of nutella and crackers.  There’s a whole outside world you can explore, and friends you can manke (just like on November 13th *sneak peak* *cough cough*).

Crunch through and finish those midterms, and remember to have a super sparkly day!

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  • Schaf is a super sparkly sophomore that spends much of her time peddling potatoes. When she's not peddling potatoes, ingesting large quantities of caffeine, or doing copious amounts of bio and chem homework, she can be found fan-girling over Taylor Swift and Drake as well as making adorable crochet cat hats and watching Despicable Me (both 1 and 2 because she loves minions and unicorns and glitter).

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Have you been enjoying all of the FAB events so far?
Just a quick recap, there was Quizzo + Insomnia Cookies in the library, Cirque du Soleil, Phillies vs Marlins game, Fab Comedian, Screw and Cookie decorating, Apple picking, First Friday, and Oktoberfest… with so much more to come! Personally, I’m really looking forward to DC Iron Chef and the whole lineup of Finals Week events! The Finals Week events are a long standing FAB tradition. FAB members (This could be you!) serve breakfast at midnight to start off finals week, take a bus full of students to the city for a Midnight Cheesesteak Run, and also run Ben & Jerry’s Bingo as a nice study break to eat free ice cream and get a chance to win cash prizes! This is only first semester, too… so just wait till you get to the spring semester!

If you are interested in working with us, to scoop ice cream for the worn out students at Ben & Jerry’s Bingo during finals week, to organize off-campus trips to explore Philly and watch sports games, and mostly, really, to have a TON OF FUN working with us and contributing to student life on campus, APPLY!

FABblications are due the coming Sunday, at 11:59 PM. If not yet submitted, your application turns into a pumpkin :(

To find the applications, just go on

and fill that form out!
There’s more information about what FAB does on there, so check it out!

Interviews are on Wednesday, Oct 22, 6PM to midnight, but if you really can’t make it, just let us know.


Looking forward to meeting our NEW FABlets,

 <= you could be in this photo with us!!!

It’s the first weekend of October, and FAB has you covered. Last weekend was a fun one for FAB, we put on Screw Date and then had our classic Screw Date: Cookie Decorating afterwords. We also took a trip to Linvilla Orchards for our annual Apple Picking trip!

We’ve got another two events this weekend, check them out!

10/3: FAB First Friday Bus - We’ll be having a shuttle for the night, taking you into Philly and back into Haverford, all for free! First Friday is a fantastic monthly event in Philadelphia, and a great way to spend your night outside of the Haverbubble. Our first bus will be departing for Philly at 5PM, a great time to leave for an early dinner and a night in the city. Our second bus will be departing for Philly at 7:30PM! We’ll then have a bus bringing you back to Haverford from Philly at 8:30PM and 10:30PM respectively. So take us up on this great opportunity to get into the city, see you there.

Philly for 'Fords!

Grab some dinner, listen to live music, walk around and see the sights. First Friday is a must attend!

10/5: FAB Oktoberfest - This is a classic yearly event that you can’t miss. Join us on Founders Green from 2-4PM on Sunday, 10/5 for grilled sausage, snacks, a root beer keg, music and more! This is our 5th annual Oktoberfest, so please join us to celebrate the coming of the month this Sunday. Plenary is later that night, so grab some food during DC off hours before you head down there!


FAB will be grilling up sausage for the afternoon, join us!

We’ll see you at the GIAC at 6PM this coming Sunday for Plenary! There comes a time every semester for the student body to gather and collectively argue over changes to our beloved constitution. Whether it be you up at the pro-con mics, presenting a Plenary resolution, giddily filling out your Plenary Bingo cards with names of sure-thing speakers or simply eating some pizza and enjoying the show – this is the one special event we can count on to come together as a college and represent what self-governance really means.


This once per semester massive gathering of students is the only time changes can take place in our constitution! At Fall Plenary, the Alcohol Policy is ratified in addition to all other resolutions being brought forth! (Photo by Liza Alpert ’13)

Honor Council and Student’s Council will each be presenting resolutions of their own, other resolutions may remain. To see it all go down, head down with your friends, sports team, customs group or  anyone at all! For those new on campus, this is a great time to get to know how self-governance at Haverford works. Anyone has the ability to bring a resolution forth at Plenary and bring about major changes to the constitution, even if that resolution makes you the dictator of the Honor Code. For those who have never played it before, Plenary Bingo is the hit game where you fill in your board with people you believe will come up to speak at Plenary, the other regular rules of Bingo apply – how well do you know your campus? So be there, let’s meet Quorum and then so much more!

Have any questions? Just email the lovely Co-Presidents of Student’s Council who put this event on every semester at See you there!

The age old Havertradition is finally upon us: Screw Date.

As common knowledge tells us, customs teams have been working hard over the last few weeks to pair up their freshmen with other freshmen, and if not freshmen, someone with a pulse (hopefully).  And these pairings may be……in good faith of the customs teams, or in the case for some of the freshmen,  an awkward, unfortunate “date”.

Whether your “line is lame” or your date doesn’t show (but free candy, woot woot!), or you end up with a new best friend, Screw date is fun for all involved.  Except maybe the freshmen.  (Jk).

Now if I were a freshman, I’d be wondering “what in the world would my Screw Date and I be doing?  Like do I have to take them out to eat and pay for them, and if so, do I LOOK like someone who wants to buy a random person food?”

Well the answer is no, FAB and FUCS and The Throng have got you covered.  Whether you both have a mutual interest in music, in comedy, or in cookies (and I mean, who DOESN’T love cookies?), you can go to any one of those events that start at the times listed below:

  • FAB’s Cookie Decorating 7:30 – 9 pm at the CPCG Cafe
  • FUCS DJ Ushka & Zuzuka Poderosa 10-2 am at James House
  • The Throng: Throng Show 9-10:30 pm


The fun begins Friday, September 26th,  at 6:30 in Marshall Auditorium.  Let’s just hope no one is hypnotized this time around.

Get ready for the fun, and remember to have a super sparkly day until then!

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  • Schaf is a super sparkly sophomore that spends much of her time peddling potatoes. When she's not peddling potatoes, ingesting large quantities of caffeine, or doing copious amounts of bio and chem homework, she can be found fan-girling over Taylor Swift and Drake as well as making adorable crochet cat hats and watching Despicable Me (both 1 and 2 because she loves minions and unicorns and glitter).

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Coxswain-ClinicHey there ‘fords,

Want to be a part of an awesome team sport? Want to get off campus and row on a beautiful river? Want to race boats?

Then you should come to the coxswain clinic hosted by Haverford Crew and learn more!

The clinic will meet in the GIAC lobby on Monday 9/22 @ 4:15pm and run until about 5:30. No experience necessary and no commitment required – just come out to learn something new.

If you are interested, or have questions, or just want to chat, email Leeser (

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  • Joins the SAO after coming up through the farm system, where he was a .305 emailer with 10 Events Planned and 65 SEPTA tokens distributed. He enjoys not being cold, stomping the yard, and playing outdoor sports and games, as well as reading any Wikipedia articles he can find.

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FAB (‘Fords Against Boredom) is always looking for new and interesting ways to plan and organize events! While many of the events are rooted in tradition, such as Ben and Jerry’s Bingo or Quizzo, most are planned on a year to year basis. FAB operates with one major goal in mind, to provide as many free and varied events, both on and off campus as non-alcoholic alternatives – from concerts, to sports games, to cooking classes, to musicals, to Oktoberfest, to Quizzo and everything in between.

So what’s already happened this year? This year we kicked off with a Customs Picnic – this was a new event we were trying out and replaced the Customs Casino during the week. As a huge fan of the Casino Night event myself, I can say to not worry, as we still plan to host a Casino event throughout the year. Moving forward, our semesterly Quizzo event was a huge success, Magill filled up with masses of people coming for hundreds of Insomnia Cookies and obscure trivia questions for cash prizes! We then had an off campus trip to a Phillies game against the Marlins, an enjoyable event as always. Just the next day we had a trip to Cirque de Soleil, this was a first for us and a massive success.

Now what’s coming in the near future? FAB has a whole lot planned, and in addition to our events and event concepts, we’re taking on new members. Our FABlication will be sent out to the student body for anyone interested in joining up with us, look for that soon! Moving forward with events and things we’re thinking about:

September 19th, 8PM, Zubrow Commons – Comedian!: Come out to see Geoff Keith and enjoy a fried foods bar! Check out this clip of him here:

September 26th, 6:30-7:30, Marshall – Screw Date!: FAB presents Screw Date! This year, FAB has taken over the event and brings you an all time classic. Freshmen will be paired off with other freshmen on blind dates by their CPs and given half a pick up line. One by one, each one with the first half announces it to all on the stage in search of the person with the second half, awaiting the date of their dreams afterwords. Enjoy cookie decorating also hosted by FAB afterwords!

September 27th, noon (12PM) Bus, Linvilla Orchards – Apple Picking!: A bus leaves Haverford at 11:30AM outside the campus center, first come – first serve basis for the trip, so show up early! We’re going to Linvilla Orchards for some Fall-time Apple Picking.

October 3rd, Evening – First Friday Bus!: FAB will be offering a free bus into Philly for First Friday on October 3rd, don’t pass up on this great opportunity!

October 4th, 1-4PM, Founders Green – Oktoberfest!: Oktoberfest strikes early this year, normally held in later October by FAB, this year, come out to Founder’s Green on a Saturday Afternoon for sausages, music and to relax.

That’s everything completely planned in the near future, but now I’ll offer a glimpse into some events we are thinking about running this semester and later this year that do not have set dates! Please note, some of these events may not happen, as they are only in the idea stage. We are thinking about a trip to go see a show, specifically Newsies. We’re also considering a trip to the Barnes Museum along with a tour! We may host a Cooking Class on campus, or perhaps go off campus for one like we did last year! We’re likely going to go an Iron Chef: DC Edition once again – this time on a larger scale in tournament style! We’re most certainly going to see The Nutcracker in Philadelphia sometime before winter break. Then of course, our finals week events are on as always: Ben and Jerry’s Bingo, Midnight Breakfast and Midnight Cheesesteak Run!

Be on the look out for more updates about FAB on the Havertivities blog and we hope to see you at some of these events! We’ve got a ton more planned and of course, this is just for this semester, should be an exciting year.


As we all know, the Haverbubble is easy enough to never escape.  It has anything one would need to stay in on a Friday and Saturday night — pizza delivery to campus, with Wawa, Chipotle, and a copious amount of caffeine suppliers within walking distance.  Who could ever imagine leaving Ardmore with such luxuries available?


Well someone imagined it, and they set up the lovely Haverticket subsidy program so that you, yes YOU, can leave campus and venture into Philly FOR FREE.

For more information you can visit

But what should you DO once you get to Philly?  There are so many places to go!  Waaaayyyyy too many people to see!!!

(Philly is not this large.  There may not be this much to see in Philadelphia).


(Not what Philly actually looks like.  People are not this happy to be walking in the street together.  Plus also not this many people walk on the street at the same time because streets are definitely not this large).


Well don’t take that as a reason to stay in the Haverbubble!

(This is you bursting the Haverbubble).


Some places to see in Philly (which also includes people to see since there are people everywhere in Philly):

-Liberty Place
-Another mall located at 17th and Chestnut streets (approximately 4 blocks from Suburban Station).  This mall has a few known shops, though a smaller food court.

-Reading Terminal

-Located at 12th and Arch streets (approximately 6 blocks from Suburban Station).  A cultural location with literally an abundance of delicious food.  Schaf highly suggest the 12th Street Cantina, because they have literally the best guacamole in the history of existence.  But everywhere in the market has A-M-A-Z-I-N-G food.

-University City Penn 6
-Located at 40th and Walnut Streets (approximately 2 blocks from 40th and Market Street station off of the blue line of SEPTA).  A nice movie theater located on the edge of Penn’s campus.  Then you can say you officially saw a movie in the city.  Woot woot!

-Free Library of Philadelphia
-There are 53 locations with 3 regional libraries and 1 central library conveniently located at 19th and Vine Streets (approximately 8 blocks from Suburban Station).  There’s a cafe, a LARGE quantity of books, plenty of free events, and the location places you squarely in center city with time to explore.  Schaf highly recommends this place because it is a beautiful building, and they have books about potatoes and potatoes are great.


Go out!  Explore!  Get that free transportation to Philly!  Woot woot!



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  • Schaf is a super sparkly sophomore that spends much of her time peddling potatoes. When she's not peddling potatoes, ingesting large quantities of caffeine, or doing copious amounts of bio and chem homework, she can be found fan-girling over Taylor Swift and Drake as well as making adorable crochet cat hats and watching Despicable Me (both 1 and 2 because she loves minions and unicorns and glitter).

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