This could be you.

Or this.


Ice Skating is this Saturday (4pm bus), and (even though it says sold out on Haverticket, to whoever sees the blog: the waitlist is tiny!! So) you should sign up for it if you’re interested!


Winter is coming to an end (FINALLY), but soon, you will miss the cold days that make hot chocolate taste so good and tea so relaxing…


On the other hand, FAB is looking forward to organizing some awesome spring-y events, including:

a trip to watch ANNIE,

a trip to watch HAMLET (all in the same month!),

Iron Chef FINALS,

a trip to Longwood Gardens,

an outdoor movie with nutella and nutella and nutella and strawberries and stuff and nutella,

a trip for Philadanco,

First Friday…


There’s so much, so look for our updates on our Facebook page for events, our mailing list, this blog, and posterz all around!


Adventure awaits!


Howdy Haverford!

It’s almost time for Plenary, and the usual questions linger in the air. How long will it take to reach quorum? Will we keep it for all of Plenary? Who should I put on my Plenary bingo board? However, beyond these typical questions lies a greater sense of uneasiness. Given what we know so far, it seems that this Plenary in particular is susceptible to taking forever–and possibly going down in flames–so it seems only appropriate to illustrate the situation with the help of Taytay.


For me, the saga began when I first opened the Plenary packet document and saw the page count: 28 PAGES?!?


You’ve got to be kidding. That’s longer than some senior theses. It’s also technically around 40% longer than the average bill in the US Congress (although most significant bills are much longer). I scrolled anxiously down past the lovely cover artwork (produced in this very office), and it was then that the cause of this verbosity was revealed: THERE ARE NINE RESOLUTIONS THIS SEMESTER.


What is this madness? And we have to get through all nine before we can even vote on opening the ratification process for the Honor Code? And we have to get through everything in 4 hours? And not lose quorum for more than 30 minutes at a time? Wow. OK, then, time to get down to business.


If we’re going to do this, we need everyone to show up on time and stay. This means having a word with those friends who always seem to find an excuse to skip Plenary:


Do you want to throw the Honor Code into limbo? Do you want to make everyone come back again for a special Plenary by keeping us from working things out and passing it now? Do you want to just sit back and let everything good and beautiful about this imperfect but empowering system burn? DO YOU?!?


Don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person. Not coming is basically like doing this to everyone, including yourself:


Besides, Plenary can be fun! There’s food, time to hang out with friends, play Plenary bingo, and pretend to study.


Real talk, though: Plenary is an important part of the student self-governance process at Haverford, and it is a responsibility and an honor we should both take seriously and celebrate. How well we can work together–even (in fact, especially) through our differences–to make and keep this community strong is a sign of how effective we will be at leading and making a difference in the various fields we go into when we graduate. The power is in our hands. Therefore, we should all walk in like:


See you at Plenary!

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  • Marcus Firmani is a Computer Science major with a minor in lunar cheese harvesting. He may be seen in a suit at a ballroom dance or in jeans playing country tunes on his steel string guitar. He is also one of the Dúnedain Rangers, a long-lost cousin of Aragorn, and so may avoid being seen if he wishes. In fact, he may have covertly composed these very words in the third person without your even knowing it!

  • 12 February 2015
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Heeeeeellooooo Fellow Fordians!!


Are you excited for Valentine’s Weekend?! You don’t need to have someone special to enjoy that special day. Just go to CVS, buy 2 bags of chocolate, and watch Netflix ALL night. You could also go watch this critically acclaimed movie:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.11.45 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.12.01 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.12.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.12.26 AM

The weather for the weekend is going to be COLD (20s and lower…) and a possible snow shower ON Saturday, so make sure to keep your special someone (or yourself, or a random stranger…) warm.

Anyways here are the events going on this weekend:


Friday, February 13, 2015

Outskirts: ICCA Showcase

8:30-9:00 PM | Marshall Auditorium

* Do you want to know what harmonized angels sound like? Well you can’t get everything you want in life.  The group is aight and they wear pink things. Also, if you can’t make it, don’t fret. Luckily there are gonna be 50 more acapella shows throughout the rest of the semester. #somanyacgroups #competition #pitchperfect2 #theygotthirdplacelastyear #SunnyZheng #pinklade


10:00 PM – 1:00 AM | James House

*You know a band is gonna be awesome when you can’t pronounce it’s name. The band selections just keep on getting better and better… #KudostoFUCS #noFUCSweregiven #poshvenue #soindie #yourphoneisgonnagetstolenifyouleaveitinthelaundryroom #dontthrowupinLuntCafe 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day Activities: Candy, Movies, Newlyweds Game

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM | Yarnall

* If you don’t want to spend the night partying or watching netflix, you can always go play games and eat free chocolate. #50shadesofgreyscreening #cavities #getmarriedtoastrangerforthelols 


“Do It in the Dark” DANCE

10:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Lunt  Basement

*Don’t get too excited, the name of this event is misleading. #dontlosehope #enjoythedarkness #exceptitwontbedarkcauseitsluntbasement #thatmadagascarsong 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


6:00PM | GIAC Arena

*  I know everyone is going to Plenary so I won’t bother writing an enticing comment about it. Oh yea except that you should bring a sleeping bag and entertainment cause there are 9 resolutions. #erg #stareatdanweissallnightlong #chipotlegiftcard #plenarybingo #girlscoutcookies #davedoyoueverfeellikeaplasticbag



Oscars2013-620x350Hello Fords,

In a mere two weeks movie watchers and film connoisseurs and celebrity  fashion appreciators will sit down to watch the 87th annual Academy Awards. If you are not already intrigued about which movie will win Best Picture (I’m rooting for The Imitation Game, but Birdman has been getting a lot of hype!) or which stars will show up in the best and worst dressed list, Neil Patrick Harris is the host this year and is sure to make the evening memorable.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see the next mishap Jennifer Lawrence has?


To assure that every student has the chance to watch the event, FAB will be hosting a viewing in the MCC on February 22nd. Red carpet will go live at 6pm, with the ceremony starting at 7pm. Come to watch (bring your homework if necessary) and fill out a ballet before the show starts predicting the winners of each category. Guess the most correctly and you will receive your own Oscar trophy and bragging rights as the most film savvy member of the Haverford community.

For a look at the nominations in each category, you can look here to start pondering your choices.

Happy movie going!

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  • Brie Groh '15 is currently a Sophomore at Haverford College. She hopes to be an Econ major with a Math and German minor. Brie is a member of Fords Against Bordem as well as the Sneetch Ultimate Frisbee Team. Outside of the SAO office, Brie is normally found watching Modern Family or napping.

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Photo by Ryan Gooding ’16.

The Alcohol Policy is ratified each year at Fall Plenary, normally without much dissent in voting, but each year many speak up about problems in the way the student body respects the policy on campus. The Policy has been ratified like clockwork each year, without any changes made to it, for recent institutional memory. The Honor Code is ratified each year at Spring Plenary, every once in a while it even fails ratification the first time around, changes are often made and passed, Haverford has one of the only Honor Codes in the country that changes at such a rate. There have been problems expressed about the Social Code, just as there have been problems expressed about the alcohol policy – do they work as written in practice?

On Sunday night we got a wake up call. Steven Watter, Dean of Student Life, sent out a campus wide email – a message of concern. While, he remarked, this was one of many wake up calls over the years about this, it was not to be taken lightly. This year, the night of Snowball brought a, “nearly unprecedented number of students required assistance owing to issues related directly to the (over)consumption of alcohol” said Dean Watter. 

The alcohol policy may be ratified every year without a second thought for some, but it appears it may not always be working in practice. Even at the relatively uncontroversial Fall 2014 Plenary, a main moment of contention came up when it came time to ratify the Policy. With students feeling it just doesn’t always work, and a discussion needed to be had. All three branches of student government will be coming together to host a discussion on this.

This Wednesday, at 7:30PM in Ryan Gym, Honor Council, Students’ Council, and JSAAPP will be co-hosting a discussion on the Alcohol Policy & The Social Code. Is the policy working in practice? Is confrontation effective while under the influence of alcohol, does it even happen? What does it mean to have student self-governance, and what can we do to help remedy this concerning series of events? Come bring your questions and discuss anything and everything related to this. There will be milk and insomnia cookies, we hope to see you there!

Pizza, Professors, and the Code it a great opportunity to discuss the Honor Code with members of the faculty in a relaxed, informal setting. Held this semester in Zubrow Commons on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 6:30PM - come join professors from the biology, mathematics, sociology and anthropology departments for pizza and discussion! Of course, please bring comments, questions, concerns and opinions – this is the space for them.

Held every semester as a coming together of the larger Haverford Community, it is a great opportunity to tackle and consider interesting questions of how the Honor Code effects academic and social life on campus as a whole. How does the Honor Code influence the lives of students versus the lives of faculty? Come discuss that and much more this Wednesday evening, and enjoy pizza with Haverford faculty and students.


Enjoy some pizza over discussion of the Honor Code with faculty and students this Wednesday!

Then on Thursday evening at 7:30PM in Ryan Gym, come discuss a recently released abstract “Pokemon” over milk and insomnia cookies! The abstract concerns a student who used answer keys to answer questions on multiple assignments. Bring your thoughts and discussion points of course.

Hope you see you at these events!

FAB just wrapped up an eventful weekend on campus with three events! On Thursday night, many of you hopped on a bus to see the midnight premier of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay. On Friday evening, FAB brought painting classes to Haverford. Then on Saturday afternoon, FAB took people on a trip into Philadephia for a three-course cooking class, with meals served after, of course. As Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, we enter the final stretch of the semester leading up to finals week.


FAB has 5 events to wrap up December, and a ton planned for next semester! (Art by Brie Groh ’15) 

So what does FAB have in store for December?

Friday, December 5th, 6:00PM – DC Iron Chef II: In the DC Sunken Lounge, FAB presents its second rendition of DC Iron Chef! Four teams compete with a secret ingredient to masterfully prepare three courses with only DC ingredients for our panel of illustrious judges. Come on out to enjoy sample cups of the food, watch teams scramble for time to cook three courses in 30 minutes, and to see you takes the prize home!

Saturday, December 6th, Bus Leaves at 12:30PM - The Nutcracker: An all time classic, FAB takes you into the Kimmel Center to see The Nutcracker in live performance. A truly stunning production that you don’t want to miss.

Sunday, December 14th, 11:30PM-1AM – Midnight Breakfast: The kickoff of FAB’s finals week events! Come on over to the Dining Center late at night to have FAB members and Deans serve delicious tater tots, eggs, bacon and french toast sticks to you.

Monday, December 15th, 8PM-10PM – Ben & Jerries Bingo: Come on our to our classic event, Ben and Jerries Bingo, on Monday night for a studying break from finals! Enjoy your favorite B&J flavors while playing bingo for gift card prizes.

Wednesday, December 17th, Midnight – Midnight Cheesesteak Run: Of course, who could forget our last finals week event, come on down to the campus center at Midnight on Wednesday of finals week for a trip into Philly for cheesesteaks! Don’t miss it.

Now, what’s coming up next semester?

No specific dates are down yet, those are to come, but here are just a few of the events that will likely happen next semester! Casino Night, Ice Skating, Dating Game, Quizzo, Love Shack, A trip to Hamlet, Phillies Game, Basketball/Hockey Game, Superbowl Party, Oscar Party, and many many more events! Been a great semester, have a fantastic Thanksgiving break and stay FABulous.