Hello Fords!

In the next few weeks you will probably sense the excitement buzzing around a new event.

Introducing:  Haverford College Unity Day!

Unity Day will be an opportunity to join all of the affinity groups on campus in order to showcase the various cultural backgrounds that make up this campus.  The event will take place Saturday, November 23rd in Founders from 2 to 5 pm. 

I received statements from 2 of the 6 Unity Day Committee Members who have been diligently planning for over a month.

When asked to explain a bit more about the event, Student Council’s Officer of Multiculturalism Maria Bojorquez-Gomez stated that “This event is to unite the community over its differences in culture and it is also to promote the affinity groups on campus to the community. From 2-5pm, a bigger Tasty Bites will be taking place while the participating groups hold hands-on/interactive activities with the students coming in. There will also be performances (mostly, if not all) of dancing groups every 30min. Right now the planning process has been going great as we have 6 people in the Unity Day Committee”.

Cathy Quero corroborated Maria’s statement, adding “There will be food, interactive activities booths which will feature food, dancing, and discussions. We have invited performers and artists from all over, even UPenn. That night there will be a dance with music from all over the world. From hip-hop, to reggeton, to K-Pop, to Top-40, and more”.

I’m certain the Haverford community will be looking forward for this awesome chance to encounter such a variety of cultures.

Don’t miss it!

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  • hello Everyone, I'm an intern for the Student Activities Office! I'm an English major and Japanese minor. I was born and raised in New York and love turning my city into my playground. During my free time I like to hang out with my friends in the city. I often drag them to the local karaoke lounges in Koreatown. (because no matter what anybody says, butchering the latest pop songs in front of your family and friends is a liberating experience! :P) Other than singing I love dancing, fighting games, and meeting new people. So feel free to use me as a resource! Peace!

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One of the men in tights tracks down a hotly contested disc.

One of the men in tights tracks down a hotly contested disc (Photo Credit: Van Aken Photography) .

A zombie farmer, not to be confused with Sienna Mann the sneetch, searching for human flesh. (Photo Credit: Laura Newman Eckstein)

A zombie farmer, not to be confused with Sienna Mann the sneetch, searching for human flesh. (Photo Credit: Laura Newman Eckstein)

The Sneetches!!! (Photo Credit: Maddy Durante)

The Sneetches!!! (Photo Credit: Maddy Durante)

The Donkeys!!! Photo Credit: Stuart Hean

The Donkeys!!! Photo Credit: Stuart Hean

Over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd the merry men in tights of Sherwood Forest gallivanted onto the featherbed fields in order to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Meanwhile female zombie farmers roamed the observatory fields seeking out human flesh…

That’s one interpretation of the events that transpired last weekend. Another explanation is simply that it was Haverween.

The Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Teams, the Donkeys and Sneetches respectively, hosted their annual Ultimate Frisbee team tournament with over 28 teams from different colleges in attendance. Both teams came in second over all in their tournaments.

The Men’s tournament was highlighted by an 11-10 victory over top-seeded Dickinson in the semi-final thanks to a full field pass from Elias Borne to Harrison Schell. Sadly they fell short against rival St. Joes in the Men’s Championship game. The Sneetches put up a valiant fight but fell to the Haverford Alumni in the Women’s Championship game.

For scores and more information on the Women’s Tournament follow this link.

For scores and more information on the Men’s Tournament go here.

For photos of the Men’s Tournament visit Van Aken Photography.

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  • Jacob Lowy ’14 is a Political Science major at Haverford College. He is a co-president of the Haverford Students' Council, former captain and current member of the Haverford Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and also plays violin. Jacob works for the Haverford Student Activities Office. In his free time, Jacob enjoys running, reading historical fiction, playing FIFA and watching the NBA.

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That’s right, FAB is going to see Kanye. This is not a joke. We’ve acquired 40 tickets for the Yeezus tour, and we’ll be bringing a busload of Haverfordians to the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday, November 16th for an EPIC concert.




More reasons this show will be even more incredible. First, he’s performing with Kendrick Lamar. Second, in case you haven’t heard all the hype, Kanye has cancelled many of the tour dates after his 60-foot LED screen (that was of course absolutely essential) broke. However, the tour is starting back up again with this show in Philly… meaning that this is going to be even more epic.

Now, I know you’re all asking, how can you get on this bus?? It’s quite easy in fact: sign up on Haverticket begins Monday, November 11th at 7am. And I guarantee that the tickets will go fast. After all, FAB events are always FREEEE. And when else is someone going to pay for your Kanye ticket???

For more information, and to sign up, visit the Haverticket website: go.haverford.edu/tickets/

Greetings Haverford!

First Collection is coming! Hurrah! But what is it, exactly? Perhaps the day valiant librarians riding book cart chariots storm the campus to retrieve the first wave of overdue books from this semester? Or, perhaps, the first day students take to the nature trail to collect fallen timber to keep warm fires going through the cold autumn nights?

(DISCLAIMER: no bonfires in the dorms.) In fact, it is something more subtle but no less exciting, and it is quite deeply rooted in Haverford’s history.

First, some background on the Collection Committee, the organization that puts on the event. The Collection Committee began as a literal ”collection,” a campus-wide meeting which students were required to attend. It now serves to help bring new ideas and debate to campus, generally in the form of unique interactive experiences. Students and student clubs may work with Collection Committee when planning such events. The Committee can help guide the planning process, provide funding, and help raise awareness about such events.

Now, First Collection in particular has been an event at which the community–students, faculty, and staff–can come together to welcome the newest members of our community, and this year is no exception. The First Collection event now consists of a breakfast social. There will be a variety of breakfast goodies, as well as friendly faces new and old. While attendance may no longer be mandatory, it is an event you should definitely stop by for. First Collection is happening this Friday, November 1st, from 9:30 until 11 am, and will be held in the Sunken Lounge in the Dining Center Lobby. Be thyself collected therein!

If you’re interested in joining the committee, applications were just sent out by the SC VP’s! Make sure you send them in by Friday night at 11:59pm. For more information on what the committee does, check out the SC Appointments Descriptions Page: sc.haverford.edu/appointed-representatives/committee-descriptions-contacts/.


Hello Fords!


Welcome back from break!  Hopefully everyone has rested up nicely during their time off and has hit the ground running!

We would like to announce a bit of change in the office.  The desk has moved…

sad will



….and the interns are confused…


flower will



VERY confused!


But have no fear, Fords.  We haven’t gone far.  We are simply at the end of the hallway near room 205.  Still in Chase!

If you need to get to the office to pick up Independence Passes or other needs, simply walk up the stairs, turn right, then turn right again, and embrace the warm smiles of our amazing interns.

The SAO Welcomes You!

new location

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  • Joins the SAO after coming up through the farm system, where he was a .305 emailer with 10 Events Planned and 65 SEPTA tokens distributed. He enjoys not being cold, stomping the yard, and playing outdoor sports and games, as well as reading any Wikipedia articles he can find.

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I'm serious, he will mess you up.

Cruz is pumped for some Nerf and he is looking fierce.

(11/8) Update: Signups now available on Haverticket! go.haverford.edu/tickets/


Hey ‘Fords,
It’s time again for Battlefield Nerf! Darts will fly, chaos will ensue, and champions will be crowned.
The event will take place on Saturday, November 16th and sign-ups are live now!

Sign up here!

For those new to BFN, or in need of a refresher here is what it’s all about:

Sign-ups: Just pick a team name, team captain, and up to 5 other players for your team. After this, your Captain will get all the important info about match times.

Rules of the Game:
The objective is to capture the other team’s flag and return it safely to your flag area.
A maximum of 6 players per team may participate.
The game is played on the honor system; if you get tagged, you are done, and you call yourself out.
Each team’s flag will be positioned in front of their starting bunker area.
To capture the flag, an individual must successfully return the opposing team’s flag to their flag area. In order for a capture to count, the capturing team’s flag must be in it’s home flag area. That is, both flags must be together in a flag area.
If the flag carrier is tagged, they drop the flag immediately. There may be no exchanging of the flag between teammates at any time. If the flag is dropped, it can be picked up by either team.
No shooting while holding the flag. This means that in the event of a 1 on 1 situation, the last two players must duel.
A tagged player may rejoin the game by touching their own flag, so long as it is within the original flag area. In order for players to rejoin, the team must return their flag into the home area if it has been taken by the other team.
The round ends when all of the players on one team are eliminated, or when a flag is captured.
The matches will be best 2 of 3 rounds.

Prizes: 1st place – Six $10 Gift Cards to Chipotle and BFN Shirts; 2nd place – BFN Shirts; 3rd place – Six $5 Gift Cards to Kiwi

Once again, matches will be held Saturday, November 16, from 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m in Ryan Gym.
Note: Please show up 10 min prior to your match, although you only need to be present for your team’s matches.

It should be pretty awesome, so sign up your team and come play some Nerf!

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  • Joins the SAO after coming up through the farm system, where he was a .305 emailer with 10 Events Planned and 65 SEPTA tokens distributed. He enjoys not being cold, stomping the yard, and playing outdoor sports and games, as well as reading any Wikipedia articles he can find.

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Hey FORDS! Welcome back from Fall Break!

Are you in the mood for something spooky? Well you are in luck because Student Activities Office is hosting a trip to the largest haunted house in America “Terror Behind the Walls” at Eastern State Penitentiary. Not only is it HUGE but also it has been ranked amongst the Top 10 Most Frightening Attractions in America. You’ll be able to experience one of the best, funnest, and scariest moments of your life FREE OF COST. It is a great way to take your mind off of academia, homework, and other stressors (they’ll literally be spooked out of you!). So grab a group of friends and Sign up in Haverticket on Thursday October 24th at 7:00am

It takes about an hour to walk through the six differently themed attractions. >>>>> Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 3.40.27 PM



SIGN UP: In order to go on the trip you and your friends have to sign up in Haverticket on Thursday October 24th at 7:00am. The trip will take place on Thursday October 31st (Halloween! MUAHAHA) and we will be departing from the Campus Center at 7:00pm. We should be back on campus by 10:00pm. ALSO, don’t be afraid to sign up on the waiting list, you’ll never know who’ll get too scared and drop out.


WARNING: The haunted house is extremely scary! if you get cold feet at the entrance you can always opt out to not go in or can exit the show at any time. While the actors are not allowed to touch you, this year you can choose to get marked and be touched, abducted from the group, and/or even incorporated into the show.

For more information on the event visit their FAQ site: www.easternstate.org/halloween/visit/faq

Check out the preview video here: www.easternstate.org/halloween/preview-video



Hey Fords

If you have ever wanted to attend a presidential inauguration now is your chance. Not only is it Family and Friends Weekend but this Saturday, October 26, is also Dan Weiss’ inauguration as the 14th President of Haverford College. The day starts off at 9:30 am with a Meeting for Worship open to community members and guests at the Haverford Friends Meeting House. Following Meeting at 11:00 the Processional will be from Founders Hall to Roberts Hall where he will be officially installed as the President of Haverford College in Marshall Auditorium. After his installation everyone is invited to a community luncheon in the Alumni Field House and later that night at 8:30 pm there will be a Choral Ensemble Concert with by performances by the a cappella groups the Humtones, S’Chords, Oxford Blues, Outskirts, Mainliners, and Counterpoint, and the Chamber Singers and Chorale Orchestra directed by Associate Professor of Music Thomas Lloyd.


It will be an eventful day and everyone is encouraged to attend!