Anyone who loves food, and that means everyone, will be excited to know that this Sunday there will be food trucks on campus at one of events hosted by Haverford’s AIDS Service Network: Project Food Truck. You can take a week off from DC brunch and stop by founders from 11:30 to 2:30 to get food from Dadz Grilled Cheez and BrazBQ. 10% of all proceeds from the food trucks will be donated to the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia which means that you can picnic on founders and give back to the fight against HIV and AIDS at the same time.

Don’t just stop there either. You will be able to learn more about the resources offered by Philadelphia HIV organizations and Haverford’s Morris Health Center. Come out for delicious Brazilian burgers and grilled cheese and for information that can help save lives and learn ways to give back.

For information on the food trucks check out these websites:

Dadz Grilled Cheez -
BrazBQ -

Information on the organizations can be found here:

Mazzoni Center -
AIDS Fund -
Galei -
Morris Health Center -

And like Haverford AIDS Service Network on Facebook for more information!

and check out 8D if you are looking for ways to get involved.



So there are a lot of activities going on tonight but if you are feeling especially full of school spirit head down to the GIAC. Nuthouse has announced it a black out so bring the hype and your black t-shirt.

Tonight 2/28



Watch Haverford’s Women’s Basketball team in the Centennial Conference Championships as they play for glory. Bring your school spirit and lets make sure we black out the stands.

Who Run the World?

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Finals may be coming up but if you are looking for a break from Haverford’s Campus the KAWS exhibit at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts is a good place to check out if you are into Spongebob portraits and Mickey Mouse-like sculptures more than twice your size. KAWS is a Brooklyn, NY based pop artist and you have probably seen some of his work. The cover and album art from Kanye West’s 808′s and Heartbreak is one example or if you have passed through 30th Street station in the spring, one of his 16 feet sculptures, Champion, was sitting in the station, and he redesigned the MTV’s moonman for the 2013 Video Music Awards in Brooklyn.

Champion in 30th Street Station

It is definitely an exhibit to check out because the contrast between his contemporary pieces and the backdrop of the classical architecture and artwork housed in the PAFA. The instillation includes over 60 paintings and sculptures from KAWS inside and outside the building.

The exhibit ends January 5, so if you are interested head over to the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts before winter break starts.

A preview from the current exhibit:




Curious George at the Parade last year

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and while some of you are heading home or to a friends house, if you are staying on campus Philly has something to add to the festivities. Every year Philadelphia has their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. A few streets are shut down for floats, balloons, marching bands, dance groups, and local performers to be seen by locals and visitors alike. If you are willing to wake up early, the parade runs from 8:30am to noon, you can hop on Regional Rail and get off at Suburban Station to catch the parade as it moves along JFK Boulevard or you can walk over to Logan Square.While you are in Philly you can find yummy hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm and a Thanksgiving themed lunch after. If 8:30am is too early or the weather is cold enough to keep you out of Philly, you could always wake up later and head over to Wawa for a Gobbler, turkey and gravy with stuffing and cranberry sauce in a hoagie, and catch a rerun of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Hey Fords

If you have ever wanted to attend a presidential inauguration now is your chance. Not only is it Family and Friends Weekend but this Saturday, October 26, is also Dan Weiss’ inauguration as the 14th President of Haverford College. The day starts off at 9:30 am with a Meeting for Worship open to community members and guests at the Haverford Friends Meeting House. Following Meeting at 11:00 the Processional will be from Founders Hall to Roberts Hall where he will be officially installed as the President of Haverford College in Marshall Auditorium. After his installation everyone is invited to a community luncheon in the Alumni Field House and later that night at 8:30 pm there will be a Choral Ensemble Concert with by performances by the a cappella groups the Humtones, S’Chords, Oxford Blues, Outskirts, Mainliners, and Counterpoint, and the Chamber Singers and Chorale Orchestra directed by Associate Professor of Music Thomas Lloyd.


It will be an eventful day and everyone is encouraged to attend!


Have you ever picked up tickets or tokens from the SAO office and thought, “I really wish I could have more tickets/tokens because I want to make more than one stop” ?

Guess what! After fall break you wont have to worry about that because replacing the tickets and tokens are One Day Independence Passes! The One Day Independence Pass provides unlimited travel on Bus, Trolley, Subway, and Regional Rail. It is valid at all times on the Airport Line and also provides unlimited Phlash Service (May-October). It is not activated until first use on the system, and is valid until 2:00 AM following midnight on the day of activation.

So go forth into Philly Fords! Go forth and enjoy unlimited rides!

Independence Pass

Sometimes after dinner you’re looking for desert and the ice cream just isn’t doing it for you. No worries, with the help of the microwave you can have chocolate fondu at your fingertips.



Step 1: Grab a banana and a bowl

Step 2: Head over to the cereals and ice cream toppings and locate the chocolate chips

Step 3: Put desired amount of chocolate chips in the bowl

Step 4: Put the bowl of chocolate chips in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute.

Step 5: Remove bowl (caution: it will be a little hot) and stir until it becomes a yummy bowl of melted chocolate

Step 6: Dip your banana in the chocolate and enjoy


Bonus for the peanut butter fans out there: It is also possible to add a spoon of peanut butter next to your melted chocolate.

Chances are that a lot of Haverford students out there have never been inside of Yarnall, but now is your first chance of many. This Saturday, September 21, pull out you fanciest digs and dust off your tuxedos and join Nerd House for Film Noir. At 6pm you can head over to Yarnall for the smooth sounds of the Blank Sextet, Haverford’s premier jazz sextet, and listen to the band set the mood for the board games. Following the fun and games stick around for the movie at 8pm.

If you don’t think one night is enough to let your inner nerd out get excited because Nerd House will be hosting more events and they love visitors ( and emails: ). Visit their website,, for a list of their upcoming events and feel free to email them with ideas, suggestions, and questions.